Pyranha Z.One

whitewater & Surf Kayak

Made In UK Perception Scooter Manufactured in the UK

The Pyranha Z.One inherits its core design features from the legendary river play Ina Zone series. The Z.One builds upon the original InaZone design with increased rocker on the bow to give extra lift over boils and eddylines as well stopping the nose burying when surfing waves. The rear hull has also been re-profiled for improved control & surfing. A modern ergonomic seating position gives raised knees for more foot room and with it improved comfort and better edge control. It's smooth hull profile also delivers excellent forward speed both on moving and flat water.

The Z.One offers itself as an excellent all round kayak that can be used for river play, surfing & general paddling. The Pyranha Z.One is available in 3 sizes and 2 different outfitting specifications to provide the ideal kayak for all sizes and budgets.

Pyranha Z.One Rapid Kayak

Pyranha Z.One Specifications

Pyranha Z.One - S: Length 2.45m | Width 62cm | Volume 180L | Weight Range 45-85kg

Pyranha Z.One - M: Length 2.55m | Width 65cm | Volume 210L | Weight Range 65-95kg

Pyranha Z.One - L: Length 2.65m | Width 67cm | Volume 245L | Weight Range 75-115kg




Pyranha Z One - Rapid Spec: Price £449.10 (RRP £499.00 - Saving £49.90)


Pyranha Z One - Connect River Spec: Price £529.00 (RRP £599.00 - Saving £70.00)


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