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Canoe Paddles for Sale

Most Popular Range of Canadian Canoe Paddles

Canoe Paddles only have one blade and a T-handle grip to be used with Canadian / Open Canoes

Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

An ideal entry level canoe paddle with a lightweight alloy shaft & polypropylene blade.

  • Tough polypropylene blade.
  • Aluminum shaft.
  • 16oz weight
  • 57" length

Price: £24.95

Alloy Canoe Paddle

Robust alloy canoe paddle designed for both canoeing and rafting.

  • T-Grip handle
  • Heavy duty polyethylene blade
  • Alloy shaft
  • Suitable for canoeing and rafting

Price: £32.99

Quessy Aspen Canoe Paddle

The Quessy Aspen wooden canoe paddle features a square-tip blade and ergonomic top grip.

  • Solid Aspen wood construction
  • Palm grip
  • 54in-63in Legnths

Price: £44.95

Enigma Note Wooden Canoe Paddle

A classic square tip design canoe paddle and great for general all round use.

  • Square Tip Shape
  • Pear Shape Handle
  • Pine & mahogany construction
  • Clear lacquer finish

Price: £39.95

Enigma Key Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A great all round traditional beavertail shaped canoe paddle constructed from pine, mahogany & ash.

  • Beavertail blade shape
  • Pear Shape Handle
  • Pine, mahogany & ash construction
  • Clear lacquer finish

Price: £59.95

Grey Owl Scout Canoe Paddle

Wooden canoe paddle made with  laminated basswood and featuring a urethane tip guard to protect it from damage.

  • Constructed from Basswood.
  • A quality paddle for all round use
  • Pear shape palm Grip.
  • Urethane Tip Guard.

Price: £69.95

Quessy Beavertail Canoe Paddle

This classic beavertail canoe paddle from Quessy, with a resin tip and varnish finish for increased durability.

  • Cherry wood and Ash Wood Mix construction
  • Palm grip
  • 54in-63in Legnths

Price: £84.95

Quessy Ottertail Canoe Paddle

Quessy Ottertail is perfect for open touring on deep river, lochs and lakes

  • Cherry Wood construction
  • Ottertail
  • 54in-63in Legnths

Price: £94.95

Grey Owl Guide Canoe Paddle

Cherry wood deep water paddle that is ideal for steering, but will still power the craft well.

  • 3 ply laminated black cherry grip
  • Solid cherry, oval shaft
  • 3 ply laminated black cherry blade
  • Tip guard

Price: £94.95

Grey Owl Voyageur Canoe Paddle

A versatile all round paddle. The Blade constructed from 7ply laminated cherry, basswood & walnut with urethane tip.

  • Laminated ash and bass shaft.
  • Cherry pear grip.
  • Cherry, butternut, and bass blade.
  • Sizes 52" - 66"

Price: £99.95

Quessy Junior Canoe Paddle

A down sized lightweight wooden canoe paddle for young paddlers.

  • Aspen wood construction
  • Palm grip
  • 44in Legnth

Price: £29.95

Grey Owl Owlet childrens canoe paddle

The Grey Owl Owlet is a lightweight wooden canoe paddle designed specifically for kids.

  • 3 ply laminated basswood.
  • Pear Grip
  • High gloss polurethane finish
  • Lightweight & easy to handle

Price: £39.95