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Fishing Rods & Tackle

Our selection of affordable and entry level fishing rods, reels & tackle. These are perfect for a bit of fun fishing from sit-on-tops and other canoes & kayaks.

Fladen Ice Pike 4.5ft Fishing Rod

Ice pick fishing rod from Fladen

The Fladen Ice Pike fishing rod is an ideal entry level fishing rod for sit-on-top & kayak fishing. At only 4.5ft in length it is easy to manage on the water and tackling up when sitting in a kayak.

Price: £12.95

Fladen Charter 421 Fixed Spool Reel

Charter 421 fixed spool reel - Fladen

The Fladen Charter 421 is an affordable fixed spool reel & comes pre-spooled with 200 yd line. Front drag, balanced handle, left or right hand retrieve. Ideal for combining with our Fladen 4.5ft Fishing Rod.

Price: £12.00

Fladen Wilderness Telescopic Rod / Reel

Telescopic rod and reel - Fladen

A compact combo ideal light coastal fishing from kayaks and sit-on-tops. Kit includes: 1.80m Telescopic Rod (closes to just 43cm), Fladen Front Drag Reel with 8lb line & 3 lures / spinners.

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Fladen Hand Fishing Line

Fladen Hand Fishing Line

Good quality handline with 50 meters of heavy line, a string of five hokkia lures & a pirk. Ideal addition to any boat, canoe or kayak.

Price: Call Us For Price

Fladen PlugBait 13cm Mackerel Lure

Conrad jointed lures

A very high quality and extremely effective time tested floating lure. Ideal for bass and other predator species. Colour may vary.

Price: Call Us For Price

Fladen Feathers - Silver Flash

Silver Flash - Fladen Feathers

Fladen Silver Flash feathers size 1/0 hooks with 5 hooks per trace. Perfect for mackerel fishing.

Price: £1.50