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Paddlesport Equipment

Kayak & Canoeing Equipment

Paddlesport is a broad category of water activities that includes various sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. The equipment required for paddlesport activities can vary depending on the specific sport and the type of water you'll be navigating. 

We offer a complete range of equipment for all aspects of paddlesport such as kayak paddles and spray decks, canoe trolleys & air bags, sit-on-top scupper bungs & thigh straps and inflatable air pumps & transport bags to name just a few.

Our core equipment range can be broken down into the following main categories: Sit-on-top Equipment, Touring & Sea Kayak Equipment, Open Canoe Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Whitewater Equipment, Inflatable Equipment and stand-up paddle boarding.

Sit On Top Kayak Equipment

Sit On Top Kayaking Equipment

Wide range of Sit On Top Kayaking equipment available, from scupper bungs to transport carts and trolleys

Open Canoeing Equipment

Open Canoeing Equipment and Accessories

Kit for open canoeing including outfitting hardware, seats, buoyancy blocks, paddles and much more

Sea Kayaking Equipment

Equipment for Touring & Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking equipment and accessories

White Water Paddling Kit

Equipment for White Water Paddling

Wide range of kit for white water river paddling from safety equipment to accessories and spares

Kayak Fishing and Angling

Equipment and Accessories for Kayak Fishing

We can supply everything you need from the kayak, right down to the rod holders, anchoring equipment, fish finders and more... What we stock is based on the equipment our own members of staff and customers recommend. Can't find what you are looking for? Give us a call.

Paddleboarding Equipment

Equipment for SUP Paddling

We are pleased to offer an excellent range of SUP equipment and accessories such as paddles, leash, buoyancy aids, clothing, footwear, dry bags and more from leading brands such as Palm, Peak & NRS.

Buoyancy Aids

Kayaking & Canoeing Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy Aids are an essential item of safety equipment for all types of canoeing and kayaking, we stock a wide range from low cost budget models to top of the range premium PFDs.

Kayak & Canoe Paddles

Paddles for Kayaking and Canoeing

Wide range of kayak paddles, canoe paddles and SUP paddles available.

Safety Equipment

Kayaking & Canoeing Safety Rescue Equipment

Paddlesport safety equipment. Find everything you need for a safe and enjoyable canoeing or kayaking experience, including tow lines, throwlines, karabiners, knives, and more.

White Water Safety & Rescue

White Water Safety & Rescue Equipment

White Water safety & rescue equipment for kayaking on moving water.

Kayak Spraydecks

Nylon & Neoprene Spraydecks for Kayaking

Spraydecks for sit inside kayaks. Browse our selected range of nylon and neoprene spraydecks, as well as, cockpit covers for storage and transport.

Waterproof Dry Bags

Dry Bags, Tubes, Tanks, and Containers for Kayaking

Dry bags of varying sizes and styles for keeping your gear dry

Thule Car Roof Racks

Thule Car Roof Racks

Thule roof bars and roof racks for sale, use our vehicle selector or buy the individual parts

Canoe & Kayak Carriers

Canoe & Kayak Roof Rack Carriers

We stock a wide range of different canoe & kayak carriers to help you transport your canoes and kayaks safely and securely as well as supplying THULE car roof bar systems.

Kayak Storage Racks

Storage Racks for Kayaking and Canoeing

Garage kayak storage solutions for storing your kayak(s)

Electric Motors

Battery powered electric motors for canoes and kayaks

Electric outboard motors can be added to most canoes and kayaks for flat water paddling. Very popular for fishing kayaks to help you reach your fishing spots and also for open canoes, especially square stern Sport canoes.

Parts & Spares

Spare Parts for Kayaks & Canoes

We stock a wide range of parts and spares for canoes, kayaks and sit on tops.

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