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Single Seat Canoes

Solo Open Canoes For Sale

Dedicated Single Seat Open canoes

Open canoes can offer a great position of freedom out on the water, and a solo canoe is the ideal way to experience some of the most spectacular moments on the water. 

This range of dedicated solo canoes are ideal for paddlers who want a Canadian style canoe without the additional size that a tandem canoe brings. Single seat canoes exchange the versatility offered by an additional seat for greater manoeuvrability, reduced weight and easier logistics off of the water.

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo

A nimble yet stable solo canoe constructed from a triple layer foam core polyethylene delivering an very durable canoe that only weighs 22.2kg / 49lbs.


Old Town Sportsman Discovery Solo 119

Pack boat style solo open canoe with sea & backrest perfect for paddling with a kayak or a canoe paddle.


Nova Craft Trapper 12 - TuffStuff

A solo single person canoe constructed from Nova Crafts lightweight TuffStuff material. A stable yet manoeuvrable open canoe with plenty of room for gear.


Nova Craft Fox 14 - TuffStuff

A lightweight, compact 14ft solo touring canoe. Ideal for flat water touring, made from Tuffstuff it is incredibly easy to manoeuvrer both on and off the water.


Swift Canoes Prospector 14

An incredibly light solo open canoe with a large carry capacity perfect for a variety of waters and paddlers.


Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

The lightest pack boat available, using a canoe style hull with kayak style seat & backrest, this canoe is ideal for inland waters and calm water touring. This pack boat is comfortable and easy to paddle.


Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

An extremely versatile pack canoe with all the comfort & plenty of carry capacity. This ultra lightweight pack boat is well suited for canoeists who like to use a kayak paddle and use a backrest for added comfort.


Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8

An exceptional lightweight solo open canoe with a pack style seat, built for top level touring performance allowing you to easily glide through the water for mile after mile.

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