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High Quality Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes

Gumotex & Seyvlor Inflatable Kayaks, Canoes & Boats

We offer a huge variety of inflatable canoes and kayaks from standard inflatable canoes through to inflatable motor and whitewater rafts. Whatever you applications or intended use with the the inflatable kayak to meet your need. The huge of advantage of inflatables is their easy storage & transportation. Quality materials & design mean these benefits can now the achieved without compromising performance.

Single Seat Inflatables

Single Seat Inflatable Kayaks for sale

Inflatable kayaks designed for single person & solo use. We also offer a number of 2/3 person inflatables with adjustable seats allowing them to be used solo for complete versatility.

Two Seater Inflatable Kayaks

Tandem Inflatable Kayaks for sale

Double Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes for carrying up to 2 people & 2+1 models designed to carry 2 adults & a child in a smaller centre seat - ideal for family fun!

Inflatable Boats & Rafts

Inflatable Boats & Rafts for sale

Inflatable boats with transom suitable for use with electric & small petrol motors. Inflatable rafts for moving & whitewater river use from 2 to 12 people.

Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Equipment for Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes

Accessories for inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoes including pumps, pressure gauges, spare seats and replacement parts

Paddles for Inflatables

Paddles for Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes
Paddles which break down into smaller sections for ease of storage and transport with your inflatable canoe or kayak
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