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Touring Kayaks available from Brighton Canoes

Touring Kayaks

Inland & Coastal Touring Kayaks for Sale

Touring kayaks are designed for cruising and exploring the water. There are a range of touring kayak designs to suit everyone from the first-time paddler, to experienced paddlers.

Some touring kayak designs offer stability and reassuring comfort for paddling on calm waters, others offer speed and performance for longer paddling trips in more challenging conditions. Whether you want to paddle on your local lake, canal, river or estuary, or perhaps you wish to paddle along the coast and explore the rocks, caves and bays, we will have a touring kayak for you. 

Our staff are all experienced paddlers and can advise you on the most suitable kayak for your needs. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be able to help you choose a kayak for your next paddling adventure!

Riot Quest 9.5

Open cockpit, lightweight leisure kayak for recreational paddling in calm waters - ideal for small-medium sized paddlers who want to relax on the water in a comfortable and safe kayak. Paddlers of larger build should look at the Quest 10HV.


Riot Quest 10 HV

Super stable open cockpit touring kayak that includes a couple of rod holders too!


Riot Edge 11 With Skeg

A great lightweight & compact touring kayak that provides the perfect blend of stability and performance for gentle kayaking trips. An ideal choice for quiet rivers and other inland waterways.

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Feelfree Aventura 110 V2

Very stable touring kayak for paddling on inland waters such as canals and rivers as well as sheltered coastal waters.


Perception Expression 11

A sleek crossover between a recreational and touring kayak, the Expression 11 features a stable and manoeuvrable design that is built to handle a multitude of water environments.


Dagger Axis E 10.5

A versatile recreational light touring kayak. Ideal for shorter journeys on calmer waters with excellent stability and comfort. Quick with good tracking thanks to its drop-down skeg but manoeuvrable when needed.


Riot Enduro 12 With Skeg

A generously proportioned stable and forgiving kayak for all abilities and perfect for relaxed days on the water and even a spot of fishing. Popular with taller and bigger paddlers.


Riot Enduro 13 With Skeg

A well equipped touring kayak providing good forward speed & tracking. Its profile & 13ft length means it deals well with chop on the sea but is still manageable on smaller rivers.


Feelfree Aventura 125 V2

A tidy touring kayak with a large cockpit and comfortable seating, perfect for a day out on the water, superb for beginners or those wanting a leisurely paddle.


Pelican Sprint 120XR

12ft flat water touring kayak with larger cockpit for ease of use, stable and easy to paddle on calm inland waters


Riot Edge 13 With Skeg

A quick and manoeuvrable low volume touring kayak with enough storage space for longer overnight trips. Perfect for rivers, lakes, estuaries and sheltered coasts.


Dagger Stratos 12.5 S & L

A compact touring kayak which can also hustle in your local rock garden and gives a great ride in the surf. Perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts.


Old Town Heron 9 XT

A lighter weight, stable touring kayak with a large cockpit, brilliant for beginners and those wanting a quality built robust kayak for flat water paddling.


Old Town Sorrento 126 SK

A mid-sized touring kayak with a larger cockpit perfect for paddling on lakes, river and lochs, featuring a drop down skeg it's ideal for calm conditions.


Old Town Heron 11 XT

A light, stable touring kayak with a large cockpit, enjoyed by novice paddlers in flat waters ideal for days out exploring local waterways.


Old Town Sorrento 106 SK

A touring kayak that's well suited for calm conditions with a generously large sized cockpit, complete with the comfortable ACS2.0 seating system.


Perception Expression 14 & 15

With great stability, predictable handling and enough length to eat up the miles the Expression 14 and 15 kayaks are ideal for progressing paddlers on the sea or gentle inland waters


Dagger Stratos 14.5 S & L

Designed to excel in surf, rock gardens and open water paddling this kayak is at home on lakes, tidal estuaries & rivers too. Perfect balance of tracking, manoeuvrability & forgiveness.


Wave Sport Hydra & Hydra LV

A flexible and fun touring boat from Wave Sport, the Hydra is available in standard and low volume, it suits anyone looking for a stylish touring or sea boat with high quality fittings and a great hull shape.


North Shore Aspect RM

A shorter profile sea kayak, easier to handle both on and off the water, the Aspect RM offers many of the key design features found on longer dedicated sea kayaks in a more compact design. This results in a versatile sea kayak for coastal touring and inland trips.


Perception Prodigy II - 14.5

Open cockpit tandem kayak for calm water touring. Reassuringly stable and easy to get into and out of.


Riot Edge 15 With Skeg

Popular day touring kayak ideal for open water and longer trips. Its comfortable and easy to paddle as well as having loads of storage thanks to is front and rear hatches.

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