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Sea Kayaking and Touring Kayaks

Kayak Touring & Sea Kayaking

Explore the UK's inland & coastal waters

Checkout our huge range of touring kayaks, sea kayaks, equipment and clothing from all the leading brands. We sell products for all abilities from new paddlers through to seasoned sea kayakers.

Open Cockpit Kayaks

Touring Kayaks with Open Cockpits

Large open cockpits make getting into and out of these kayaks much easier and also offers potential space for a child or family dog to come along for the ride.

Touring Kayaks

Touring Kayaks for sale in the UK

Touring kayaks are designed to offer both comfort and performance for short or extended trips on the water. We offer both smaller light touring kayaks as well as longer day touring kayaks for longer trips or use on the sea.

Tandem Touring Kayaks

Two Person Touring & Sea Kayaks

Two seater kayaks for touring including closed cockpit and open cockpit models.

Sea Kayaks

Sea Kayaks for sale from Brighton Canoes

Sea Kayaks primarily designed for use on the sea & coastal waters but can also be used on large rivers, lakes & estuaries. Generally 16ft+ in length resulting in good tracking & performance in swell & designed for optimum efficiency.

Touring & Sea Kayak Paddles

Paddles for Sea Kayaking and Touring

Touring & Sea Kayaking paddles are available in a wide range to meet the needs and budgets of UK paddlers.

Touring Buoyancy Aids

Sea Kayaking Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy Aids designed for touring and sea kayaking with features such as VHF radio pockets, hydration pockets and designed for maximum comfort on longer paddles

Touring & Sea Kayaking Cags

Kayak Touring Cags & Jackets

Wide range of paddling tops for touring and sea kayaking ranging from lightweight summer cags to expedition foul weather jackets for challenging conditions

Sea Kayaking Equipment

Equipment for Touring & Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking equipment and accessories

Riot Kayaks

Riot Kayaks

Riot kayaks produce a range of affordable yet high quality HDPE constructed touring & whitewater kayaks as well as sit-on-tops. Be it long distance sea kayaking, extreme whitewater or placid water fishing with pedal propulsion Riot Kayaks range has it all.

Design Kayaks

Design Kayaks - Triple layer plastic sea kayaks
New range of sea kayaks with a model for everyone ranging from super fast Endless for covering distances, the Unplugged for all round sea kayaking and the Awesome for ocean play and surf!

Norse Sea Kayaks

Norse Sea Kayaks

Norse offer a fantastic range of sea kayaks that stay true to traditional Greenland and Norway designs yet use the latest technology in composite construction to produce lightweight, strong and efficient sea kayaks.

Perception Kayaks

Perception Kayaks - Made in the UK

Perception Kayaks are one of the world leading brands with a factory located in East Sussex, UK not far from our showroom.  Perception manufacture high quality premium kayaks offering the best build quality.

Note - we also sell a range of US made Perception Kayaks

Valley Sea Kayaks

Valley Sea Kayaks

Valley Sea Kayaks are made in the UK and offer a wide range of high quality sea kayak designs in both plastic and composite constructions.

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