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Kayak & Canoe Paddles

Explore Our Wide Range of Paddles for Canoeing & Kayaking

Paddles are available in a huge range and vary depending on the type of paddling that you're using them for, the construction/materials, length and shaft type.

Follow the links below to find the best paddle for your needs and budget

Touring & Sea Kayak Paddles

Paddles for Sea Kayaking and Touring

Touring & Sea Kayaking paddles are available in a wide range to meet the needs and budgets of UK paddlers.

Paddles for Sit On Top Kayaks

Paddles for Sit On Top Kayaks

Paddles for Sit On Top Kayaking range from entry level paddles to light weight composite paddles.

White Water Kayak Paddles

White Water Kayak Paddles

Paddles designed for white water kayaking, playboating, surf kayaking and general purpose kayaks. Generally range in size between 190-205cm in length.

Paddles for Inflatables

Paddles for Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes
Paddles which break down into smaller sections for ease of storage and transport with your inflatable canoe or kayak

Canoe Paddles

Paddles for Canadian Style Open Canoeing

Paddles for open canoeing. Whether looking to improve technique or explore the open waters, our selection of paddles offers the perfect options tailored to all levels of skill and experience.

Junior Paddles for Kids

Paddles for Kids, Children, Junior Kayakers

Smaller hands and shorter arms require smaller paddles, these paddles are designed for children to use.

SUP Paddles

Paddles for Stand-Up Paddleboarding

SUP paddles for paddle boarding from low coast entry level paddles upwards

Split Paddles & Spare Paddles

Split Paddles for Kayaking

Split paddles can be taken apart into smaller sections for easier transport and storage.

Paddle Bags

Protective Storage Bags for Kayak & Canoe Paddles

Paddle bags provide protection for your car from wet and dirty paddles as well as protecting your paddles during transport and storage

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