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Safety Equipment

Safety Kit Accessories Kit for Kayaking, Canoeing & SUP

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of safety & rescue equipment for white water, sea & touring including tow lines, throw lines, air bags, karabiners and more. Looking for something not listed or got a question?

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Aquapac Waterproof Cases

Aquapac Phone Cases

Premium waterproof dry cases for protecting electrical devices such as car keys, mobile phones as well as wallets and other essential items.

VHF Radio & PLBs

Handheld VHF Radio & PLBs

For personal safety on the sea we recommend that a VHF and PLB is carried in/on your buoyancy aid.

White Water Safety & Rescue

White Water Safety & Rescue Equipment

White Water safety & rescue equipment for kayaking on moving water.

Split Paddles & Spare Paddles

Split Paddles for Kayaking

Split paddles can be taken apart into smaller sections for easier transport and storage.

Helmets for Canoeing & Kayaking

Safe, Protective Helmets for Kayaking

Helmets are an essential item of paddling kit if you're running white water rapids or paddling near rocks.

Tow Lines for Kayaks

Tow Lines & Rescue Belts for Paddlesports

Tow Ropes for towing another kayak due to injury/fatigue or a training exercise.

Lifesystems First Aid

First Aid Kits for Kayaking and Canoeing

Leading brand of survival kit and fist aid products

Throwlines & Throw Bags

Throwlines for Paddlesport Rescues

Throw lines for white water safety and rescue situations, choose a throw bag from all the leading brands

Paddle Floats

Paddl Floats

Inflatable and fixed foam paddle floats used as an aid during kayak rescues

Kayak Bilge Pumps

Kayak & Canoe Bilge Pumps

Bilge pumps for emptying a swamped kayak or canoe, simple but effective hand pumps.

Paddlesport Rescue Knives

Rescue Knives for Kayaking & Canoeing

Range of rescue knives for kayaking and canoeing safety and rescue.

Paddlesport Karabiners

Karabiners for Paddlesport Rescues

Karabiners come in all shapes and sizes but these are the most popular and suitable models for kayaking.

Air Bags & Buoyancy Blocks

Buoyancy Bags and Blocks for Kayaks & Canoes

Range of buoyancy bags for canoes and kayaks for additional floatation to reduce the amount of water that can fill the boat in the event of a capsize.

Kayak Navigation Compasses

Kayaking Compasses & Navigation Equipement

Sea Kayaking compasses available including recessed deck mounted and removable bungee compasses

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