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Canadian Open Canoes

Canoes For All Types of Canoeing in the UK

Open canoes benefit from a large amount of space which is ideal for carrying the whole family or lots of gear. They are best suited to sheltered inland waters like rivers, lakes & canals. However, they can be used on the sea in flat calm conditions and some enthusiasts can even be found on whitewater rapids.

The open canoe is a remarkably versatile craft and can open the door to a number of exciting adventures. Load it up with the family and a picnic for a gentle float down your local river or pack the camping kit and head off for a weekend's canoe camping adventure.

We stock the most popular open canadian canoes available in the UK and can supply specialist canoes to order quickly.

Recreational & Touring Open Canoes

Recreational & Touring Open Canoes

Our most popular range of recreational & touring open Canadian canoes from leading brands such as Enigma Canoes, Nova Craft Canoes, Swift Canoes, Pelican Canoes and more.  A selection of tandem and family sized canoes that are stable and easy to use.

Solo Open Canoes For Sale

Solo Canoes for sale from Brighton Canoes

Many tandem Open Canoes can be paddled solo, but if you're looking for a specific one person boat you'll find some great options below.

Lightweight Open Canoes

Lightweight Open Canoes

Lightweight canoes can offer greater performance and convenience both on and off the water, and are a great option for many paddlers. Many of these canoes are made from  composite materials which offer greater performance and rigidity.

Pack Boats

Pack Boats for Sale in the UK

Traditional open canoe designs with kayak style seats for paddling with a kayak paddle

Square Stern Transom Canoes

Canoes with a transom outboard motor mount

Square stern canoes with transom mounts to allow a small outboard engine or electric outboard motor to be mounted. We recommend Bixpy and Minn Kota battery powered outboard motors.

Canoe Paddles

Paddles for Canadian Style Open Canoeing

Paddles for open canoeing. Whether looking to improve technique or explore the open waters, our selection of paddles offers the perfect options tailored to all levels of skill and experience.

Kayak & Canoe Trolleys

Trolleys for Recreational Kayaking

If you don't want to carry your canoe or kayak from the car to the water then a canoe & kayak trolley is the answer. The trolley will take the weight of the canoe or kayak whilst you pull it along and steer.

Canoe & Kayak Trailers

Canoe Camping Trailers for sale

High quality trailers available to meet different requirements from lightweight domestic trailers to larger commercial grade trailers for centres and schools.

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