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Waterproof Dry Bags

Canoeing & Kayaking Dry Bags & Cases

Protect your precious items from water, sand and dirt with our waterproof dry storage bags, containers & barrels. Our range covers, waterproof dry tubes ideal for on the water, waterproof backpacks, waterproof barrels as well as waterproof electronic cases.

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Aquapac Waterproof Phone Cases

The Aquapac Dry Cases are IPX8 Rated  (10m / 30ft) Waterproof and also offer protection against dust, corrosion, sand and mud. They are designed so that touch screens can be used with the phone still in the case.


Aquapac Small VHF Radio Case

The Aquapac Small VHF Radio Case has a Waterproof Rating of IPX8 10m / 30ft.  It will fit most modern VHF radios. The case has clear windows on both sides so can be used with left and right-handed radios.


Aquapac 658 Waterproof Cases for Small Tablets

IPX4 Rated (10m / 30ft) Cases to keep your iPad Mini or Kindle items protected against water, sand, dust, and mud.


Aquapac Waterproof case for Cameras

Use your camera safely at the beach, on rivers and lakes, in rainy weather or dusty landscapes even underwater!


Aquapac Keymaster

A waterproof case for keeping small essentials dry whilst on the water.


FeelFree Dry Tubes

Simple, tough and dry durable roll top dry sack in several sizes and colours.


Palm Classic Dry Bags

Simple roll top waterproof dry bags for keeping your kit dry, available in a range of sizes


Feelfree Go Pack

Roll top dry bags with ruck sack strap and a drain plug for washing out sand/dirt.


FeelFree Dry tank - 30L & 60L

The FeelFree Dry Tank is a strong comfortable waterproof backpack which will take all your gear for a day out or a weekend away. Different sizes and colours means there is sure to be one to suit every family member.


Palm River Trek

Heavy duty kit bags for keeping your car dry or for keeping your kit dry on paddling trips and expeditions


Waterproof Barrels

30 & 60 Litre Dry Barrels for keeping your gear dry - popular choice for open canoes.

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