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Open Canoes for sale in the UK

Recreational & Touring Open Canoes

Stable & easy to use tandem & family Canadian canoes

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of Canadian open canoes ideal for family use and recreational fun. The open canoes listed below are our most popular range of canoes that will happily accommodate 2 adults and some models have capacity for 2 adults plus 1 or 2 children or the family pet. These canoes are ideal for novice or experienced paddlers and are normally stable and easy to paddle.

The vast majority of open canoes are supplied with two seats as standard but most 16ft canoes can accommodate an optional 3rd seat and some 17ft canoes can be fitted with up to four seats. Some of the range of Pelican Canoes are supplied with 3 seats as standard making them ideal for family use.

We are please to offer canoes from leading brands such as Nova Craft Canoes, Enigma Canoes, Swift Canoes & Pelican Canoes.

Pelican 15'5 Canoe

Easy to paddle & stable open canoe ideal for beginners & families alike. Constructed from Pelican's propriety Ram X material it is tough, stable and affordable an excellent entry canoe.


Pelican Explorer 146 DLX Canoe

Stable family open canoe that is easy to paddle & comes as standard with backrests, ideal for beginners. Constructed from Pelican's lightweight Ram X material it is tough yet affordable and easy to handle off the water.


Enigma Canoes Tripper 14

A great open canoe for a family to start their adventures with. Can be configured with 2 or 3 wood webbing seats and built with tough triple layer construction to last a lifetime.


Old Town Discovery 158

A wide and stable hull with high carrying capacity, is perfect for touring on lakes, rivers and canals.


Enigma Canoes Prospector Sport

Designed around the original prospector shape but with a narrower beam for touring, made in Canada


Enigma Canoes Journey 164

A stable, spacious and well made open canoe that can carry a family of four with ease. Available with either 2 or 3 seats to suit your needs. Made in Canada


Old Town Discovery 169

Tracks well and can carry an enormous load and is very stable. A great choice for those who aspire to cover longer distances or may need additional room and load capacity.


Old Town Penobscot 164 & 174

Available in two sizes, these are ideal canoes for touring inland waters such as lakes, canals, lochs as well as sheltered estuaries.


Enigma Canoes Square Stern 126

One of the very few canoes available in the UK with a rear transom able to take a small outboard. Also ideal as a stable boat to use with paddles. A versatile family option.


Old Town Discovery 133 Canoe

A short, stable triple layer canoe popular with families & couples but can also be solo paddled, ideal for novice paddlers looking for a versatile open canoe.


Nova Craft Bob Special - TuffStuff or Fibreglass

A compact 15ft open canoe with great stability, but is still highly manoeuvrable thanks to its hull design & profile. Popular for tandem and casual solo use. Available in Tuffstuff or Fibreglass construction


Nova Craft PAL 16 - TuffStuff

One of the best traditional touring canoes ever made, it's a great choice for paddlers who want a canoe that is efficient & tracks well.

Transom Motor Mount

Nova Craft Lure 15’7

Recreational flat water canoe with square stern transom for use with an outboard motor, can also be rowed or paddled.

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