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Lightweight Open Canoes

A range of the best lightweight canadian open canoes

Open Canoes can be an awkward size & shape to lift, carry & portage. Car topping to transport the canoe to the water can be especially difficult if you have a high vehicle or van. Reducing the weight of the canoe can make this much easier, particularly if you are solo paddling or don't have anyone to assist when loading.

Our range of lightweight open canoes are typically constructed from the composite material called TuffStuff. These canoes are normally significantly lighter than the equivalent size polyethylene plastic construction. While Royalex is a recognised material of the past for light weight canoes, manufacturers have moved on to new composite options including Nova Craft's TuffStuff and Swift's Carbon-Kevlar fusion for excellent alternatives. The weight of the canoe can make the different in being able to lift, load and transport the canoe so can be  the enabler to making canoeing a practical option for all.

Nova Craft Bob Special - TuffStuff

A compact 15ft open canoe with great stability, but is still highly manoeuvrable thanks to its hull design & profile. Popular for tandem and casual solo use.


Nova Craft Prospector 15 - TuffStuff

A lightweight, compact Canadian made open canoe that can be paddled tandem or solo and offers great all round on the water performance.


Nova Craft PAL 16 - TuffStuff

One of the best traditional touring canoes ever made, it's a great choice for paddlers who want a canoe that is efficient & tracks well.


Nova Craft Prospector 16 - TuffStuff

Lightweight open canoe that excels on longer river trips but is equally at home carrying the family for an afternoon picnic.


Swift Canoes Prospector 15 & Prospector 15 Combi

The lightest 15ft tandem open canoe, easy to paddle solo or tandem and weighing just 16.8kg it's an easy one person lift.


Swift Canoes Prospector 14

An incredibly light solo open canoe with a large carry capacity perfect for a variety of waters and paddlers.


Nova Craft Trapper 12 - TuffStuff

A solo single person canoe constructed from Nova Crafts lightweight TuffStuff material. A stable yet manoeuvrable open canoe with plenty of room for gear.


Nova Craft Fox 14 - TuffStuff

A lightweight, compact 14ft solo touring canoe. Ideal for flat water touring, made from Tuffstuff it is incredibly easy to manoeuvrer both on and off the water.

Transom Motor Mount

Nova Craft Lure 15’7

Recreational flat water canoe with square stern transom for use with an outboard motor, can also be rowed or paddled.


Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

The lightest pack boat available, using a canoe style hull with kayak style seat & backrest, this canoe is ideal for inland waters and calm water touring. This pack boat is comfortable and easy to paddle.


Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8

An exceptional lightweight solo open canoe with a pack style seat, built for top level touring performance allowing you to easily glide through the water for mile after mile.


Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

An extremely versatile pack canoe with all the comfort & plenty of carry capacity. This ultra lightweight pack boat is well suited for canoeists who like to use a kayak paddle and use a backrest for added comfort.


Swift Canoes Prospector 16 & Prospector 16 Combi

A 16ft Ultra Lightweight open canoe perfect for multi day touring expeditions or as a light family open canoe.


Swift Canoes Keewaydin 16 & Keewaydin 16 Combi

A lightweight touring canoe with an asymmetric hull shape to give greater tracking, available in 2 or 3 seat combi versions.


Nova Craft Prospector 17 - TuffStuff

A lightweight 17ft open canoe with a massive carry capacity ideal for expeditions or for use with all the family. 


Swift Canoes Keewaydin 17

A canoe with a long waterline and upswept bow, suited for calm conditions on long distance paddles. With a large carry capacity the Keewaydin 17 is perfect for touring with the family exploring a wide array of waterways.

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