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Open Canoeing Equipment

Accessories & Kit for Canadian Canoeing

Equipment and accessories for open canoeing

Recreational Buoyancy Aids

Recreational Kayaking Buoyancy Aids and PFDs

Recreational buoyancy aids for flat water paddling in calm coastal waters, flat inland waters and canals.

Canoe Paddles

Paddles for Canadian Style Open Canoeing

Paddles for open canoeing. Whether looking to improve technique or explore the open waters, our selection of paddles offers the perfect options tailored to all levels of skill and experience.

Canoe & Kayak Carriers

Canoe & Kayak Roof Rack Carriers

We stock a wide range of different canoe & kayak carriers to help you transport your canoes and kayaks safely and securely as well as supplying THULE car roof bar systems.

Kayak & Canoe Trolleys

Trolleys for Recreational Kayaking

If you don't want to carry your canoe or kayak from the car to the water then a canoe & kayak trolley is the answer. The trolley will take the weight of the canoe or kayak whilst you pull it along and steer.

Open Canoe Parts & Spares

Open Canoe Seats, Thwarts, Yokes, and Outfitting Spares

Replacement parts and upgrades for open canoes including seats, yokes, thwarts and more

Safety Equipment

Kayaking & Canoeing Safety Rescue Equipment

Paddlesport safety equipment. Find everything you need for a safe and enjoyable canoeing or kayaking experience, including tow lines, throwlines, karabiners, knives, and more.

Air Bags & Buoyancy Blocks

Buoyancy Bags and Blocks for Kayaks & Canoes

Range of buoyancy bags for canoes and kayaks for additional floatation to reduce the amount of water that can fill the boat in the event of a capsize.

Helmets for Canoeing & Kayaking

Safe, Protective Helmets for Kayaking

Helmets are an essential item of paddling kit if you're running white water rapids or paddling near rocks.

Waterproof Dry Bags

Dry Bags, Tubes, Tanks, and Containers for Kayaking

Dry bags of varying sizes and styles for keeping your gear dry

Rope, Cord & Bungee

Ropes, Cords, and Bungee for Kayak Outfitting

We stock a range of cord, bungee and rope for upgrading or outfitting your canoe or kayak.

Electric Motors

Battery powered electric motors for canoes and kayaks

Electric outboard motors can be added to most canoes and kayaks for flat water paddling. Very popular for fishing kayaks to help you reach your fishing spots and also for open canoes, especially square stern Sport canoes.

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