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Kayak & Canoe Trolleys

Trolleys and Carts to Transport Your Kayak or Canoe

If you don't want to carry your canoe or kayak from the car to the water then a canoe & kayak trolley is the answer. The trolley will take the weight of the canoe or kayak whilst you pull it along and steer.

The choice of trolley is dependant on the size/shape of your canoe/kayak and the terrain that you plan on using it over

Riot Canoe Trolley

Folding trolley designed to make transporting your open canoe easier. Also suitable for transporting large kayaks and sit on tops.


Riot Kayak Trolley

Make transporting your kayak from your vehicle to the water easier with a trolley.


Railblaza C-Tug Trolley

One of our best-selling kayak and canoe trolley thanks to its clever folding design, high load capacity and puncture free wheels.


Railblaza Sandtrakz C-Tug

Sandtrakz wheels make it easier you to move your kayak or canoe over any surface including soft & harder ground.


Railblaza C-Tug R Trolley

The ultimate trolley for wide kayaks, canoes and paddle-boards. Wide adjustable hull support bars allow the C-Tug R Trolley to accommodate a wide range of hull profiles.


Railblaza C-Tug R Conversion Kit

Convert your C-Tug to the C-Tug R, offering greater support for a wider range of hull shapes! The padded rails are adjustable and grippy, for a smooth, secure performance.


Hobie Kayaks Standard Plug-In Cart

Designed to fit directly into the reinforced scupper holes found on Hobie Kayaks, the Standard Plug-In Cart is a hassle-free option for wheeling your kayak around off the water.


Hobie Kayaks Trax 2 Cart

The Trax 2 Plug-In Cart is designed to fit directly into the reinforced scupper holes found on Hobie Kayaks, offering an easy, hassle-free way to wheel your kayak over very soft sand, shingle and soil.


Jonny Boats Bass 100 Trolley

Make life easier getting your Jonny Boat to and from the water with this trolley! Simple to install and remove.

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