Pack Boats

Traditional Canadian Canoes Featuring a Kayak Style Seat

Pack boats represent an ever growing trend in both the UK and North America, a hybrid somewhere between a canoe or a kayak. These crossover boats feature a kayak style seat offering lumbar support and comfort for paddlers, in a way which a traditional bench style seat can’t compete with. Easier to enter and exit than a traditional closed cockpit kayak and well suited to those who wish to have the ease of loading up a canoe but with the efficiency of a kayak. With a lower centre of gravity, pack boats generate a feeling of greater stability and (relatively) lightweight these canoes are efficient and easy to paddle, particularly if the wind picks up.

Old Town Sportsman Discovery Solo 119

Pack boat style solo open canoe with sea & backrest perfect for paddling with a kayak or a canoe paddle.


Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

The lightest pack boat available, using a canoe style hull with kayak style seat & backrest, this canoe is ideal for inland waters and calm water touring. This pack boat is comfortable and easy to paddle.


Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8

An exceptional lightweight solo open canoe with a pack style seat, built for top level touring performance allowing you to easily glide through the water for mile after mile.


Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

An extremely versatile pack canoe with all the comfort & plenty of carry capacity. This ultra lightweight pack boat is well suited for canoeists who like to use a kayak paddle and use a backrest for added comfort.

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