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Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Accessories for Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks

Air pumps for inflatable kayaks, canoes & boats including hand, foot & electric pump as well as adapters and gauges. We also offer and stock the full range of accessories and spares for Gumotex inflatables.

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12v Electric SUP and Kayak Pump

This 12V electric pump offering up to 15psi/1.03bar, for inflatable kayaks including Gumotex and Sevylor, and Stand Up Paddleboards.


Sevylor Inflation Manometer

Pressure gauge for inflatable kayaks


Hand Pump 2x2L

A dual action stirrup pump that inflates on up & down stroke providing rapid & effective infation up to 14.5psi.


Gumotex GTX Pump inc Gauge (2x3L)

Double/single-action hand pump GTX with pressure gauge and volume of 3,2/6,4 lites for inflating all types of GUMOTEX boats.


Gumotex Pressure Gauge

Propriatory pressure gauge for use with the Gumotex inflatable range.


Gumotex Spraydecks

Lightweight splashdeck for Gumotex Kayaks with a cockpit including Swing, Seawave, Framura, Rush 1, Rush 2


Gumotex Framura Rudder Kit

Rudder kit for the Framura including foot pedal controls


Gumotex Seawave / Rush 2 Rudder Kit

Foot pedal operated rudder system designed for the Seawave and Rush 2


Gumotex Tracking Fin

Replacement part for Gumotex inflatable kayaks


Gumotex Front Spray Cover (Solar/Thaya)

Provides a drier ride at the front of the Solar & Thaya


Stormsure Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit

Strong self adhesive repair patches for inflatable canoes and kayaks


Stormsure Repair Glue - 3x5g

3 small tubes of repair glue


Gumotex Nitrilon Repair Kit

Repair kit for Gumotex inflatable kayaks, available in a choice of colours


Sevylor Boston Valves

Replacement Boston inflation valves for Sevylor Kayaks, available in two sizes


Gumotex Overpressure Valve

Spare part – valve can be simply replaced with a Push-Push valve key.


Gumotex Push-Push Valve

Replacement inflation valve for Gumotex inflatables


Gumotex Wrench

Tool required for removing and refitting Gumotex valves


Elastick Glue Tube 15g

Repair adhesive for Gumotex inflatables


Gumotex Push-Push Valve Adapter

Specific adapter for pumping up Gumotex inflatables


Gumotex Transport Bag

Comfortable waterproof rucksacks for carrying Gumotex inflatable kayaks - available in a range of sizes


Gumotex Palava Seat

Additional 3rd seat for the Gumotex Palava (or replacement for existing seat).

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