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There are a huge range of different types of kayaks available, what is the best choice for you will depended upon location and types of water you intended to use the kayak. We other more specialist kayaks for specific disciplines such as whitewater, surf, fishing & sea kayaking as well as kayaks for general fun like sit-on-tops, inflatables & general purpose kayaks.

To help, we have categorised the different types of kayaks we offer below to help enable you choose the right one.

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Sit-on-top Kayaks
Sit On Top kayaks are great for those wanting a boat they can just jump on and paddle. Wide, stable and with comfortable seats, they are ideal for any flat water and with self draining hulls can also be used safely on the sea.
Fishing Kayaks
Kayak fishing is becoming more popular than ever and there is now a massive range of different types of angling kayaks. We offer smaller recreational & river fishing kayaks as well as fully features sea fishing rigs and more specialist models.
General Purpose Kayaks
General purpose kayaks are designed so that you can jump on & paddle any type of water your adventures might find you on. They can be used on flat water but are also capable of tackling easier whitewater & surfing on the beach.
Touring Kayaks
Touring kayaks are designed to offer both comfort and performance for short or extended trips on the water. We offer both smaller light touring kayaks as well as longer day touring kayaks for longer trips or use on the sea.
Whitewater Kayaks
Whitewater kayaks offer maximum manoeuvrability and agility for negotiating rapids and avoiding obstacles. We offer various different types of river runners & creeking kayaks with a choice of flat planning or displacement hulls and all the top brands.
Sea Kayaks
Sea Kayaks primarily designed for use on the sea & coastal waters but can also be used on large rivers, lakes & estuaries. Generally 16ft+ in length resulting in good tracking & performance in swell & designed for optimum efficiency.
Playboats & Freestyle Kayaks
Playboats & freestyle kayaks are extremely small kayaks specifically designed and shaped for pulling moves & tricks in playholes, waves & other features. Modern playboat designs allow the user to get kayak & paddlers completely airbourne whilst performing tricks.
Inflatable Kayaks
Inflatable kayaks can be summarised in 3 words – Fun, Stable & Portable! All the inflatable kayaks & canoes we sell can be easily inflated and deflated and packed into small holdalls for easy transportation & storage. There are Single, Tandem & Family options available.
Surf Kayaks
Surf kayaks are designed for surfing waves at the beach on the sea. These kayaks typically have quick hulls with a low volume back deck to help pick up waves. We offer both sit-inside surf kayaks as well as sit-on-top surf skis.
Children & Kids Kayaks
Child kayaks are typically narrower than adult kayaks making it easier for children to paddle & reach the water. They are also lighter weight & smaller in volume providing a better fit. We stock general purpose, touring and sit-on-top kids kayaks.
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