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Kayak & Canoe - Air Bags & Floatation Blocks

Maintain buoyancy in a capsized craft

The air bags, floatation bags and blocks shown below are designed to be installed in your kayak or canoe to prevent water filling the boat in the event of a capsize and thus provide extra buoyancy to avoid the sinking and making it easier to rescue. If you are looking for something not listed below or have question please call us on 01273 513200 or email

Split Stern Kayak Air Bags - Pair

RUK Split Stern Air Bags 85cm

Split stern air bags supplied as a pair. Designed to fit in kayaks with a line of central foam down the rear of the kayak. One air bag is then fitted down each side. Contstructed from a reinforced PVC nylon coated with a screw valve. Length 85cm & Width 33cm.

Price: £34.99

Split Bow/Stern Air Bags 15ltr - Pair

RUK Split Bow 15ltr Air Bags - Pair

Split bow/stern air bags 15ltrs in volume designed to fit in the front bow of larger volume kayaks but can also be used in the stern of smaller playboats. These are split air bags supplied as a pair and designed to fit each side of the central foam in some kayaks.

Price: £34.99

Palm Heavy Duty Kayak Air Bags

Palm Heavy Duty Air Bags -

Heavy duty 70D nylon PVC air bags with screw valve - Sold individually.

Size: 30L - 92cm x 48cm - Price: £26.00

Size: 25L - 112cm x 39cm - Price: £25.00

Size: 20L - 95cm x 38cm - Price: £21.00

Size: 15L - 67cm x 42cm - Price: £19.00

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Wedge Blocks

Heavy duty foam blocks cut into wedges to fit into bow and stern of open canoes.

Price: £ 109.99

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Lashing Kit

Lashing kit for securing Buoyancy Air Bags & Wedges into an open canoe.

Price: £ 22.99

Palm 3D Canoe Air Bag Bow/Stern

Heavy duty PVC nylon coated canoe air bags with additional ring for securing to boat.

Prices From: £ 56.00