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Canoe Buoyancy Blocks & Air Bags

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks - Pair

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Wedge Blocks

Heavy duty foam blocks cut into wedges to fit into bow and stern of open canoes.

Price: £109.99

Palm 3D Canoe Air Bag - Bow/Stern

Palm 3D Canoe Air Bag Bow/Stern

Heavy duty reinforced PVC nylon coated buoyancy air bags. Inflated through screw valve tube and large dump valve.

Prices From: £56.00

Canoe Buoyancy Lashing Kit

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Lashing Kit

Lashing kit for securing Buoyancy Air Bags & Wedges into an open canoe.

Price: £22.99