Hobie Sail Kits

Hobie inflatable kayak sail kit

Hobie Sail Kits

Add Some Sail Power To Your Hobie Kayak!

The sail kit can be added to any Hobie Mirage Kayak or Pro Angler for some extra power.

Hobie Sail Kit:

Hobie i-Sail Kit:

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Hobie Sail Kit


Add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks! (Fits all current models of Hobie Mirage Kayaks). The Patented MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal while sailing which helps you to maintain forward motion through turns and obtain higher speeds. Sail with ease maintaining excellent speed with or without pedaling while sailing. Easily pedal out to sail or pedal home when the wind is too light. Add a SideKick AMA kit for additional stability if desired.


The Hobie i-Sail Kit is designed to be used with the Hobie i9s, i12s and i14T.


  • Mast*, sail (20.25 sq ft.), lines, fittings and storage bag.
  • (*2 Piece mast standard / 4 Piece mast for i-Series)


If you need any further help or advice about the Hobie Sail Kit please get in touch by email, phone or visit our shop