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Hobie Kayaks Outback

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What do you do with one of the best fishing kayaks of all time? You give it a total redesign and make it even better! Check out the many new features of the 2019 Outback which add up to the ultimate fishing machine.

Hobie Outback 2020 - £3349.00

Hobie Outback 2020 Camo - £3599.00

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Hobie Outback 2020


The Hobie Mirage Outback has been in  production for 17 years and over that period there have been several updates, however the all new Outback has been redesigned from the ground up to be better in every way whilst still retaining the classic Outback look and feel.

Firstly the hull has been reshaped to provide more stability whilst amazingly increasing glide and paddling efficiency. This has been achieved by a finer entry on the bow eliminating hull slap which means the Outback now performs better in choppy coastal waters as well as being faster inland. The hull is now so stable that standing is perfectly feasible for most people and Hobie have included EVA footpads either side of the main hatch to make this easier.

The new wider hull shape means the Outback has been fitted with a CT-W seat which gives an extra 1.5 inches of seat width as well as being completely adjustable for height, lumbar support and rake. In front of the seat the new vertical rectangular hatch with gear bucket allows much easier gear stowage as does the newly designed front hatch.

One of the most obvious parts of the redesign is the all new H-track Deluxe and H-rail system which allows a multitude of accessories to be easily attached whilst also giving ingenious storage for tackle boxes and all manner of useful tools. In the rear well a similar H-track system allows more storage and different crate options. There is also a clever cart retainer.

The stern has been completely remodelled to allow a kick up rudder and even an accessory rail on the end doubling up as a handle. This rail also allows the clever included stern loading protector to clip on and helps greatly when loading the kayak on a car roof.

On the underside the biggest development is the all new Guardian Retractable transducer protector which allows the transducer to be both protected and work far better with no barrier between it and the ocean floor!

Of course the Outback wouldn’t be a Hobie Mirage without the MD180 Pedal Drive powering it into wind and tide with ease. With the ability to select reverse and adjust for leg length, the revolutionary pedal drive system gets you to the fish fast. Now even more protected when raised, due to the updated hull shape.

There are so many new features on the Outback that it is impossible to list them all - Just give as a call and our staff will be be happy to talk you through them. The all new Hobie Outback – its like an Outback, but better!

2020 Update: The 2020 version of the Hobie Outback comes equipped with Kick Up Fins. This latest innovation from Hobie provides worry-free pedalling as if you hit a submerged object the fins flip up out of harm's way, reducing the risk of damage.


  • Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield
  • Reflective Bow Graphics
  • Two-Piece Paddle with On-Hull Storage
  • Dual Steering
  • MirageDrive 180 with Turbo (Kick-up) Fins
  • Kick-Up Rudder
  • Sail Mount
  • H-Track Deluxe with H-Rail
  • EVA Floor Standing Pads
  • Vertical Rectangular Hatch
  • Vantage CTW Seat
  • 4 Molded-in Rod Holders
  • Large Rear Handle
  • Utility Trays
  • Power-Pole Ready
  • Cart Keeper
  • Large Rear Cargo Well


  • Length: 12' 9" \ 389 cm
  • Width 34"  \  86 cm
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 85 lbs  \  38.56 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 103 lbs  \  46.72 kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 425 lbs \ 192.78 kgOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Hobie Outback 2020 for your weight


Hobie Outback Slate Blue

Slate Blue

Hobie Outback Orange Papaya

Orange Papaya

Hobie Outback Seagrass Green

Seagrass Green

Hobie Outback - Camo


Hobie Outback Red Hibiscus

Hibiscus Red


Hobie Mirage Drive

Accessories that you may need


Hobie plug-in cart

Standard Plug-In Cart

Light weight with durable 26cm tyres and strong spoked wheels. Stainless steel frame. Wheels are easily removable for storage.

Price £159.95
hobie trax trolly

Hobie Trax

The Trax 2 Cart has 24cm pneumatic tyres. These tyres have a high capacity & are very durable! Welded Stainless steel frame. Wheels are easily removable (quick twist knob to unlock wheels) for storage. This is the best cart for soft sand & uneven terrain.

Price £238.95


We offer a delivery service for the Hobie Outback 2020 to home and work addresses throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Ireland.

The delivery price will be shown in the shopping basket.

Collection - Click & Collect

Buy a Hobie Outback 2020 online from our website and collect from our store in Newhaven, East Sussex or from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group. There is no cost associated with this.

Our other stores are:

  • Brighton Canoes - Newhaven, BN9 0DH
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  • Kayaks & Paddles - Plymouth, PL21 9RL
  • Manchester Canoes - Warrington, WA1 4RX
  • Norfolk Canoes - Norwich, NR5 0JU
  • Southampton Canoes - Totton, SO40 3SA

We will contact you to arrange collection upon receipt of you order.

If you need any further help or advice about the Hobie Outback 2020 please get in touch by email, phone or visit our shop

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