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Sit On Top Kayaks For Sale

Types of Sit On Top Kayaks including Single Seat, Tandem and Fishing Sit On Tops

Sit on top kayaks are the most popular types of kayaks we sell for all round recreational fun. Sit-on-tops can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of ability, age or fitness. We offer a huge range of sit-on-tops for solo, tandem or family use as well as more specialised sit-on-tops for fishing, surf & extended trips. Sit on tops can be used on all types of water from inland rivers, lakes and canals to coastal waters and surf beaches.

The open 'sit-on-top' nature of their design is reassuring for those with less experience and it also makes them extremely safe. The sealed design on sit-on-top makes them just as buoyancy upside and self bailing holes mans once righted you are ready to go.

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