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Open Canadian Canoes

Open canoes benefit from a large amount of space which is ideal for carrying the whole family or lots of gear. They are best suited to sheltered inland waters like rivers, lakes & canals. However, they can be used on the see in flat calm conditions and some enthusiasts can even found trying to tackle whitewater.

The open canoe is a remarkably versatile craft and can open the door to a number of exciting adventures. Load it up with the family and a picnic for a gentle float down your local river or pack the camping kit and head off for a weekend’s canoe camping adventure.

We stock the most popular open canadian canoes available in the UK and can supply specialist canoes to order quickly.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff for advice please give us a call on 01273 513200.

Recreational & Multi-Purpose Open Canoes

Recreational & Touring Canoes
Recreational & Touring Canadian Canoes

We offer an extensive range of canadian open canoes ideal for family, touring and recreational fun. The open canoes listed in this sectiomn are our most popular range of canoes and will happily accomodate 2 adults plus 1 or 2 children or the family pet. These canoes are ideal for novice or experienced paddlers and are normally extremely stable and easy to paddle.

View our range of Recreation & Multi-Purpose Canoes

Lightweight Open Canoes

Lightweight Open Canoes - TuffStuff & Royalex
Lightweight Open Canoes - TuffStuff & Royalex

Our range of lightweight open canoes are typically constructed from the composite materials called TuffStuff. These canoes are normally significantly lighter than the equivilent size polyethylene plastic construction. This can make the different in being able to lift, transport & car top the canoe so can be enabler to making canoeing a practical option particularly for those looking to solo.

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Solo & Single Person Open Canoes

Solo Canadian Canoes
Single Open Canoes

Many tandem Open Canoes can be paddled solo, but if you're looking for a specific one person boat you'll find some great options in this section. If you would a little more help in making your decision or just some friendly advice, feel free to give us a call.

View our range of Solo & Single Person Canoes

Open Canoe Paddles

RUK Plastic Canoe Paddles TNP Plastic Canoe Paddle
Beavertail Wooden Canoe PaddlesOttertail Wooden Canoe Paddles

We offer a range of single blade open canoes paddles with T handle grips. We stock both entry level & robut alloy and plastic paddles as well as more tradtional woodens paddles - Scout Blade, Beavertail & Ottertail Blades. If we don't list what you looking for just contact us as we can special order most makes and models of paddle.

View our range of Open Canoe Paddles

Open Canoes Accessories & Equipment

Open Canoe Equipment
Canadian Canoe Equipment

We hold a wide range of open canoe equipment and accessories. Whether you are looking for a spare seat, buoyancy, canoe trolley or motor we are here to help. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact us where we will be more than happy to help.

View our range of Open Canoe Accessories & Equipment

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