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Canadian & Open Canoes

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Open canoes benefit from a large amount of space which is ideal for carrying the whole family or lots of gear. They are best suited to sheltered inland waters like rivers, lakes & canals. However, they can be used on the sea in flat calm conditions and some enthusiasts can even be found on whitewater rapids.

The open canoe is a remarkably versatile craft and can open the door to a number of exciting adventures. Load it up with the family and a picnic for a gentle float down your local river or pack the camping kit and head off for a weekend's canoe camping adventure.

We stock the most popular open canadian canoes available in the UK and can supply specialist canoes to order quickly.


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Most Popular Canoes

Recreational & Touring Canoes


Most popular range of canoes for sale for family, touring and recreational fun.

Lightweight Canoes

Lightweight Open Canoes - TuffStuff


Lightweight canoes offer significant weight reductions

Solo Canoes

Single Open Canoes


Top selling range of canoes for solo paddling from the leading brands.

Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable Canoes


Inflatable canoes are easy to transport, compact to store and great fun to paddle!

Canoes by Brand

Canoes by Brand


We supply canoes from the leading brands from around the world

Equipment for Canoeing

Equipment for Canoeing


Explore our range of canoeing equipment and accessories for open canoeing