Canoe Paddles

Single Blade Paddles for Open Canoeing

We offer a wide range of canoe paddles for canoeing ranging from entry level all round paddles with aluminium shafts and plastic blades, wooden canoe paddles through to strong composite white water canoe paddles.

Canoe paddles come in different shapes and sizes depending on the paddlers height, the type of paddling and personal preference. Square blades and beavertail blade shapes are generally used for all round paddling, whereas longer Ottertail style blade designs are for deep water touring.

Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A lightweight entry level open canoe paddle designed for recreational paddlers.


Carlisle Standard Canoe Paddles

Strong & durable alloy shaft canoe paddles with high impact Polypropylene Blades


Streamlyte CanoeStix (Foundation)

Canoe paddle for general purpose canoeing and white water, glass reinforced polypropylene blades on a fibreglass shaft.


Grey Owl Owlet Canoe Paddle

Lightweight canoe paddle for children


Quessy Aspen Canoe Paddle

Wooden canoe paddle for recreational flat water canoeing


Grey Owl Scout Canoe Paddle

Quality wooden canoe paddle made with laminated basswood and featuring a urethane tip guard to protect it from damage.


Grey Owl Voyageur Canoe Paddle

Premium wooden laminated square blade canoe paddle for all types of paddling - cherry.butternut and bass wood


Grey Owl Guide Canoe Paddle

Premium quality deep water touring paddle


Badger Tail Cherry Canoe Paddle

A wider distal blade profile offering greater power in shallower water, while maintaining a comfortable stroke in rivers and lakes.


Badger Tripper Cherry Canoe Paddle

The Badger Tripper is a stunning, cherrywood deep water canoe paddle. Beautiful to use, feel and look at this canoe paddle is best suited for touring and maintaining constant contact with the water.

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