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Inflatable Boats & Rafts

Inflatable transom boats and whitewater rafts

The Gumotex Ruby & Alfonso inflatable boats feature rear transoms for mounting electric motors and small petrol engines. This models offer substantial space and carrying capacity but are still extemely compact with a small and lightweight pack size that makes that easy to store and transport even in a small vehicle.

We are please to also offer the complete range of Gumotex Whitewater Rafts. From smaller 2 person models such as the Baraka & Orinoco to the full size commerical Pulsar rafts.

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Gumotex Orinoco

A strong high quality inflatable boat that will tackle fast moving & white water whilst carrying plenty of gear. Two rigid bench seats with thigh straps will keep you securely in place whilst the self draining floor will allow you to explore in comfort and safety.

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Gumotex Ruby XL

A spacious 3 person inflatable boat with a transom mount for fitting an optional electric or small petrol motor. Super stable, compact and easy to use.


Gumotex Baraka

A 2/3 person boat with a self bailing floor, rigid seats & quick release thigh straps. Ideal for white water up to grade 3 as well as more sedate trips, the Baraka is a high specification go-anywhere inflatable canoe.


Gumotex Pulsar Raft Range

Available in a range of sizes for 7 -12 people. Gumotex have made the Pulsar range fast & rigid for better performance with a self bailing inflatable bottom for fast draining on whitewater rapids


Gumotex Colorado 450

An ideal raft for sports style paddling with skilled paddlers onboard or river cruising with the family on holiday. The open stern allows water out-flow when using this raft in rapids.

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