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Touring & Sea Kayak Paddles

Paddles designed for Kayak Touring & Sea Kayaking

We stock a comprehensive range of kayaking paddles designed for recreational touring through to expedition sea kayaking. Touring paddles are normally lighter and longer than White Water / General Purpose paddles with less powerful blades.

Prices vary hugely and is mainly dependant on the material which the paddle is made from. Lower cost paddles use aluminium shafts and plastic blades whereas top end paddles are composite such as carbon to minimise the paddles' weight.

Other sea kayak paddles features include the shaft type (straight shaft, bent/cranked shaft) shaft system ie is it a 1 piece or 2 piece split paddles with a choice of spigot join options.

Feelfree Day Tour Alloy Paddle

Our most popular kayak paddle, great for recreational paddling and touring, available in One or Two Piece Shaft.


Feelfree Day Tour Deluxe Paddle

Lightweight glass fibre shaft paddle ideal for recreational paddling and touring. Available with one or two piece shaft 215, 220, 230 and 240cm.


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation

The Foundation construction of the popular Streamlyte Kinetic Tour touring and sea kayaking paddle with glass fibre  reinforced polypropylene blades and a fibreglass shaft.


Boreal Tour Paddle - 2pce 225-235cm

Popular Touring paddle with a two piece adjustable length carbon fibre shaft and adjustable feather.


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Enthusiast

The strongest version of the popular Kinetic Tour sea kayak paddles


Enigma Code Red

Lightweight fibreglass two part split paddle with 360 degree adjustable shaft length and variable feather (215-225cm) Comes with free Paddle Bag!


Enigma Code Carbon

A super lightweight split paddle with a length and feather adjustable carbon fibre shaft  and styling a carbon touring shaped blade and comes with a free paddle bag!


Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Premier

The Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Premier provides plenty of power and makes a great paddle for any touring or sea kayaker.


Enigma Code - Carbon Foam Core

Carbon foam core blades with crank shaft offers the stiffest most buoyant blade in the Enigma Code range with an ergonomic crank shaft for optimal performance high angle paddling.


Werner Shuna - Glass & Carbon

A versatile, light weight & durable two piece touring paddle that features Werner's adjustable ferrule system. It is a high angled paddle with mid sized blades that offers excellent all round performance.


Werner Corryvreckan

The Corryvreckan is the largest of Werner's high angle blades, designed for those who want maximum power from each stroke. Available in Glass or Carbon Blades with Werner's 2 piece adjustable ferrule system.


Werner Cyprus

Lightweight and versatile paddle. The mid size performance foam core blades fit a wide range of kayakers and are versatile to use during advanced manoeuvres or all around touring.


Werner Ikelos

Advanced high angle carbon paddle available with a 2piece straight shaft or a 2 piece bent shaft.


Werner Kalliste

A high performance foam core paddle designed for low angle paddlers.

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