Thule Foot Packs

Thule Foot Packs for Different Roof Styles

Thule offer a number of different Foot Packs to fit different car roof types.

Thule 7104 Raised Rail Foot Clamps

Thule foot pack for cars featuring raised roof rails running along the sides of the roof


Thule 7105 Evo Foot Clamp

Thule Foot pack for vehicles without pre-existing fixed mounting points or rails


Thule 7106 Evo Foot Pack

The 7106 Foot Pack is a set of 4 easy-to-install feet for Thule Evo roof racks, for vehicles with flush railings.


Thule 7107 Evo Foot Pack

Pack of 4 roof rack feet for vehicles with fix point roofs


Thule 7205 Clamp Edge Foot Pack

Pack of four Foot units for securing roof bars to vehicles that are designed to have the fittings attached via clamps that fit to the door frame.


Thule 7206 Edge Flush Rail Foot Pack

Pack of Four feet for mounting Edge Bars to cars with flush rails


Thule 7204 Edge Raised Rail

Thule 7204 Edge Raised Rail Foot Pack includes four units for attaching Thule Edge Bars to a vehicle with Raised Rails on the roof


Thule 7207 Fixpoint Edge Foot Pack

Thule 7207 Fixpoint Edge Foot Pack set of four bolt on mounts for vehicles with fixpoint mounting points

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