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Kayak Spraydecks

Nylon Spraydecks - Neoprene Spraydecks - Combi Touring Spraydecks

Nylon Recreation Spraydecks
The perfect choice for recreational kayaks, touring kayaks and beginners. These are the easiest spraydecks to fit and remove
Touring & Sea Kayak Combi Spraydeck
Combi spraydecks with neoprene deck & fabric waist. Comfortable and high performance for paddling in more challenging conditions.
Neoprene spraydecks for white water river running
Neoprene spraydecks for whitewater & surf. We stock a range of decks from standard neoprene through to reinforced kevlar decks.
Cockpit & Travel Covers
Nylon and neoprene cockpit covers for when you kayak is in storage or during transportation to reduce drag.