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Sea Kayaking Plastic & Composite Kayaks

Sea Kayaks are primarily designed for us on the open Sea, Lakes, Bays & Esturaries. However, they could also be used on rivers and other inland waters for those looking for maximum paddling effiecency. Most Sea Kayaks are designed to deliver maximum straight line effiecency & performance in the water. The Majority also include large cargo area of expedition paddling and longer journeys. Those with less kayak experience and looking for a more stable kayak might also consider Day Touring Kayaks.

The kayaks listed below are our most popular sea kayaks.

Riot Brittant british style sea kayak

Riot Brittany 16.5

Offering amazing value for money the Brittany 16 is a fully featured Sea kayak with classic three hatch set up and rudder / skeg combination.

Perception Essence 16 & 17

Perception Essence 16 & 17 Sea Kayak

The Perception Essence allows you to take your sea touring experiences to new levels whether you are an expert or developing your paddling skills.

Norse Sea kayaks - Bylgja

Norse Bylgja

With its hard chines and Greenland lines the Bylga is ideal for exploring the British coastline and will look after the paddler whatever the weather.

Norse Sea kayaks - Idun

Norse Idun

A lower volume version of the popular Bylgja, the Idun composite sea kayak is based on Greenland lines and features a hard chine hull, ideal for UK sea conditions and small to medium sized paddlers.

North Shore Aspect RM & RM LV

North Shore Aspect RM & RM LV

The North Shore Aspect RM is a versatile sea kayak for coastal touring and inland trips, at a shorter overall length for greater convenience .

Valley Gemini SP RM

Valley Gemini SP RM

The SP stands for Sports Play and the RM for RotoMoulded. Added together you get the ideal ingredients for a tough agile sea boat which excels rock-hopping, tide races & surf.

Valley Etain RM

Valley Etain RM

آ The Etain is an Expedition style boat with a contemporary feel. The Etain also has a very slight Swede form i.e. widest point rear of centre.

North Shore Atlantic RM & RM LV

North Shore Atlantic RM & RM LV

The North Shore Atlantic RM has the perfect combination of shallow V and soft chines that increase confidence. An ideal first sea kayak.

Valley Sirona RM

Valley Sirona RM

The Valley Sirona RM eatures a rockered hull shape which gives it excellent manoeuvrability and makes it easier to turn, but at 16 foot long, it is still capable of tracking in a straight line with relative ease.

Norse Composite Tandem Kayak - Thor

Norse Thor

A composite tandem touring kayak from Norse featuring a stable easily driven hull and plenty of space for even the longest expeditions.

Wavesport Horizon - blackOut

Wavesport Horizon - BlackOut

The Wavesport Horizon is the new name of the a popular Perception Horizon tandem touring kayak. Perfect for exploring rivers, lakes and coastal waters with tons on storage space.