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Nova Craft PAL 16 TuffStuff

Nova Craft PAL 16 TuffStuff

Nova Craft PAL 16 - TuffStuff

A Lightweight 16ft Touring Open Canoe

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More Details

The Nova Craft PAL 16 TuffStuff Lightweight touring open canoe is a beautifully finished Canadian made canoe that performs well on flat calm waters. It's a true out and out touring canoe that is designed to be efficient in a straight line and pick up speed well.

The low freeboard of the Nova Craft Pal means it excels across larger expanses of water where the wind is a problem for other canoes. A very slight tumblehome ensures that the wind moves up and over the canoe rather than pushing it all over. The symmetrical shape lends itself to both two up tandem paddling or for complete flexibility it can be paddled in reverse solo - giving a better trim. A shallow arch bottom with slightly rocker to the ends ensures that it manoeuvres easily on flat water or when in mild chop.

Plenty of internal room for carrying gear means overnight trips or extra an seat for the family can easily be accommodated making the Nova Craft PAL a true friend in all situations.

Constructed from Nova Crafts lightweight, robust TuffStuff composite material which is made of basalt and Innegra fibres. The basalt fibre are made of melted basalt rock and Innegra is a fibre consisting mostly of polypropylene. When these fibres are woven together into a cloth and infused with high impact vinylester resin, the result is a material that is not only lightweight but is also really TuffStuff!

Lightweight TuffStuff canoes are a great choice for paddlers looking for a light open Canadian canoe with more than enough strength to handle plenty of use.


  • TuffStuff Consutruction
  • 2 x Wooden Boot Laced Seats
  • Wooden Centre Yoke
  • Wooden Thwart
  • Bow & Stern Carry Handle
  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Slight Rocker with Raised Ends
  • Great All Round Canoe


  • Length: 16' / 488cm
  • Width: 34" / 86.4cm
  • Weight: 52lb / 23.6kg
  • Capacity: 800lb / 364kg

Colour Options

Nova Craft Pal 16ft Lightweight Touring Open TuffStuff Canoe

Nova Craft Pal TuffStuff- Green

Nova Craft Pal 16 TuffStuff Lightweight Open Canoe Ideal For Touring & Multi-day Trips

Nova Craft Pal TuffStuff - Sand

Nova Craft Pal 16 Lightweight TuffStuff Fast Open Canoe For Solo Or Tandem Ox Blood

Nova Craft Pal TuffStuff - Ox Blood

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