Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8 Lightweight Pack Boat Solo Canoe

Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8 Lightweight Pack Boat Solo Canoe

Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8

Super Lightweight Pack Boat For Touring

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More Details

The Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8 is a superb lightweight open canoe featuring a high performance pedigree and fantastic pack style seat. Ideally suited for slight to average builds the Cruiser 14.8 is a fast canoe and will allow the paddler to travel a good distance with an excellent glide and comfort, much like a closed cockpit kayak but easier to load up as well as easier to get into.

With the pack seat being on the floor of the Cruiser, you maintain an extremely low centre of gravity keeping the canoe stable. The Pack-Seating system is a custom formed carbon base to keep the weight to a minimum, this base is covered with thick contoured foam, the backrest features adjustable lumbar cushion which can be easily moved (or removed) and alongside the tilt adjustment offer unparalleled comfort. The padded backrest is designed to allow limited movement so it works with your paddle strokes. Adjustable kayak style footpegs complete the seating area for a truly personal fit.

In the Kevlar Fusion laminate, the Cruiser 14.8 weighs in at under 11kg. This extremely lightweight canoe can be easily lifted, car-topped without an issue (most people will be able to pick it up with only one hand). Offering the best strength to weight ratio, the Kevlar Fusion is Swifts most popular composite construction, formed of layers of polyester, S-Glass and Kevlar cloth layered either side of a highly durable foam cored ribbing system the Kevlar Fusion laminate is fused together using a high impact and flexible urethane acrylate resin system. This construction produces optimal dispersion when injected at high pressure and gives an undeniable high-quality finish, with exceptional abrasion and impact resistance.

The Swift Cruiser 14.8 is fundamentally a performance canoe, with its unique hull, designed by David Yost, the Cruiser 14.8 tracks remarkably with minimal loss of speed and drag. The carbon-kevlar S-Gunwales allows for a narrow top deck with a much greater amount of tumblehome than most canoes, this is most notable through the paddling points (furthest reach of each paddle stroke to the exit of the water). This aggressive tumblehome helps to create a much more efficient paddling stroke, lending itself to the use of a kayak paddle (although you may need a longer paddle to be more comfortable). Low rounded chimes work in conjunction with the hull design and allow for side waves to roll under the Cruiser 14.8 with minimal effect. David Yost also designed the Cruiser 14.8 to feature an asymmetric shape with greater bow rocker, alongside the S-Gunwales will effortlessly fore swells to be deflected away from the boat with decreased likelihood of swamping. This design allows the Cruiser to perform well in choppier and windier conditions and will turn quickly when edged.

The stunning looking Swift Cruiser 14.8 requires minimal maintenance, making it more time paddling and less time working on the canoe. This is a canoe you will want to spend time in on the water and watch the miles fly by.
For more information on the different laminates available from Swift Canoes or if you would like to enquire regarding a custom order of the Cruiser 14.8 then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


●    Bow & Stern Cherry Wood Carry Handles
●    Two Cherry Wood Thwarts
●    Built In Buoyancy Tanks at Both Bow & Stern
●    Swift Canoes Adjustable Carbon Pack Seat
●    Adjustable Lumbar Support
●    Asymmetrical Hull Shape
●    Adjustable Kayak Style Foot Braces
●    Carbon End Caps
●    Black & Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
●    Kevlar Fusion Laminate Construction


●    Length: 14' 8"
●    Gunwale Width: 23.5"
●    Maximum Width: 27.5"
●    Centre Depth: 11"
●    Bow Rocker: 2"
●    Stern Rocker: 1"
●    Kevlar Fusion with Carbon/Kevlar Gunnels Weight: 26lbs/11.8kg
●    Optimum Load Range: 64 kg - 127 kg (140 - 280 lbs)

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