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Swift Canoes Keewaydin 16 Combi Lightweight Touring Open Canoe - Ruby/Champagne

Swift Canoes Keewaydin 16 Combi Lightweight Touring Open Canoe - Ruby/Champagne

Swift Canoes Keewaydin 16 The Lighest Weight Expedition & Touring Canoe

Swift Canoes Keewaydin 16 & Keewaydin 16 Combi

A Lightweight Asymmetric Canoe Perfect For Touring

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More Details

The Swift Canoes Keewaydin 16 is a lightweight open canoe that is perfect for touring and expedition paddling. With an asymmetric hull shape that features 2" of bow rocker the Keewaydin 16 will nicely ride over any choppier waters, the rear of the canoe has a 1" rocker which enables greater straight line tracking which makes it a firm favorite with paddlers looking for a touring or expedition canoes. Even though the stern of the Keewaydin 16 has less rocker with a good bow paddler to initiate turns it feels as manoeuvrable as any canoe and gives a lovely on the water feel. The nicely rounded tumble home to the top of the mid depth free board give paddlers a feel of the water being closer and easier to get to, this helps get a more precise paddle stroke without the sensation of leaning over the edge of the canoe to get to the water.

Combi: For paddlers that are looking for a touring/expedition boat that can also be paddled solo or even with 3 people the Keewaydin 16 combi is ideal. Thanks to its removable centre seat which can accommodate a third person for when all the family want to go for a paddle or if you are looking to paddle solo gives the perfect position re-trimming the canoe. With the Keewaydin 16 Combis asymmetric hull shape it is not ideal to spin in the bow seat and paddle backwards like you would with a symmetrical hull, as such having the centre seat gives all the performance without fussing too much with trim. When the canoe then needs to be used as a tandem for expedition the centre seat can be removed to create the maximum space to take all the kit and gear you require. The Keewaydin 16 Combi also features a removable cherry wood yoke which threads directly into the gunwales, but can be removed when you are not portaging.

The standard UK construction for all Swift Canoes is a laminate construction of Kevlar Fusion, this offers the best strength to weight ratio of any laminate available. Thanks to an exterior layer of polyester, S-Glass & Kevlar cloth thats is then infused with a urethane resin system. Swift canoes are able to take scratches well in their stride without the need for repair in most cases - other than if you want to for cosmetic reasons. The Carbon Kevlar gunwales help to keep the weight right down to a minimum, these are also infused in the construction process enabling Swift Canoes to infuse them to the canoe for the strongest bond between canoe and gunwale.

Swift Canoes offer an array of construction options, outfitting and custom build choices. If you would like to design you own a dream super canoe from Swift Canoes many options, then we would highly recommend taking a look at the Swift Canoes Website. Here you will find a custom boat building tool, and some fantastic videos which clearly explain the many options. At the moment for all custom build Swift Canoes order please contact us through Norfolk Canoes or Manchester Canoes who will be able to walk you through the process. All canoes can however be collected at any of our shops, including ourselves here in Brighton.


  • Bow & Stern Cherry Carry Handles
  • Built In Buoyancy Tanks Bow & Stern
  • Asymmetrical Hull Shape
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Moderate Rocker
  • Contour Cherry Wooden Seats
  • Contour Cherry Wood Yoke (Fixed)
  • Cherry Removable Centre Seat (Combi Only)
  • Removable Cherry Yoke (Combi Only)


  • Length: 16ft
  • Max Width: 35"
  • Centre Depth: 13"
  • Stern Height: 17"
  • Bow Height: 20"
  • Stern Rocker: 1.25"
  • Bow Rocker: 2"
  • Gunwale Width: 32"
  • Waterline Width: 32"
  • Kevlar Fusion & Carbon Kevlar Trim Weight: 17.2kg
  • Combi Kevlar Fusion & Carbon Kevlar Trim Weight: 17.7kg
  • Manufacturers Optimum Load Range: 136 - 260kg

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