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Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 Lightweight Open Canoe With Kayak Style Seat - Carbon Innegra H-Weave

Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 Lightweight Open Canoe With Kayak Style Seat - Carbon Innegra H-Weave

Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

A Lightweight Pack Boat - Canoe With Kayak Style Seat

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More Details

The Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 is a lightweight pack boat - an open canoe style hull with a comfortable kayak style seat & backrest. Fitting into the growing trend, from North America of Pack Boats. These are canoes which can be easily paddled with either a single bladed traditional canoe paddle or with a dual bladed kayak paddle, thanks in part to the seated posture. With a straight keel and minimal bow rocker the Pack 12.6 is stable and comfortable. Suiting a paddler who is small to average sized looking to explore calm waters.

The 12.6 is a beautifully finished boat with an extremely high attention to detail, this is the case in all Swift Canoes. The Pack seating system features a carbon composite base covered in thick comfortable padding, this seat also features an adjustable lumbar support and tilt angle for maximum comfort, it also retains an extremely low centre of gravity due compared to a traditional bench style seat increasing stability.. When moving in the canoe, the adjustable kayak style footrests allow for a brace and the back support will allow for smooth movement on each paddle stroke. All the woodwork inside the Pack 12.6 is Cherrywood, with bow and stern carry handles and twin thwarts to increase the strength and rigidity. If the 10.9kg weight doesn’t feel light enough then this woodwork can be replaced with Carbon Fibre (saving approximately 1kg). The canoe is also finished with two integrated buoyancy chambers at bow and stern to aid in floatation should the boat become swamped or capsize.

A slight tumblehome makes for an easy canoe to paddle, regardless of paddle type. While the asymmetric hull shape with more bow rocker and an elongated keel at the stern for increased straight line performance and tracking, without compromising on turning. The Pack 12.6 has been designed to be a stable and efficient craft, ample room for overnight camping equipment and well suited for a day or two on the water.

The Kevlar Fusion laminate used, as standard in all UK Swift Canoes, is extremely popular due to its highly durable composite material offering the best strength to weight ratio of any laminate. Constructed of a urethane resin system with a thin layer of exterior gel coat, this gives fantastic abrasion and knock resilience. The hull itself is layers of polyester, S-Glass and Kevlar cloth surrounding a high pressure injected foam cored ribbing system. These canoes have a highly vibrant exterior colour which is part of the polyester form meaning no requirements for gel coat imperfections or repairs, excluding the two-tone colour schemes which feature an external gel coat on the hull allowing you to hide any “character marks” which get picked up with use. The Kevlar gunwales are fused to the hull itself for a lighter finish and more impressive technology applied.

For an outstanding lightweight canoe which is a pleasure to lift, move and most importantly paddle, the Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 is a great all rounder for those looking for a stable easy to paddle boat suited for calm conditions. For larger paddlers, or those wishing to take more equipment with them, or indeed a small companion the Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 is a more volume filled canoe and could be a better option. Swift Canoes are one of the leading manufactures in lightweight composite canoes, pack boats and kayaks. As such they have a vast array of custom outfitting options, as a result please contact us for more information and prices.


●    Built-In buoyancy chambers at either end.
●    Bow and stern cherry handles.
●    Carbon Pack Seat
●    High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
●    Kayak Foot Braces
●    Two-tone colour scheme


●    Length: 12' 6"
●    Gunwale Width: 23.5"
●    Maximum Width: 28"
●    Centre Depth: 11"
●    Bow Rocker: 2"
●    Stern Rocker: 1"
●    Weight of a fitted-out Pack 12.6 in Kevlar Fusion with Carbon/Kevlar Gunnels: 24lbs/10.9kg
●    Optimum Load Range: 54 kg-117 kg (120 - 260 lbs)

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