Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 - Emerald/Champagne

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 - Emerald/Champagne

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

A lightweight Pack Boat for larger paddlers.

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More Details

The Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 is a replacement for the original 13.6. With a longer water line the Pack 13.8 is an excellent canoe for larger paddlers or those looking to be laden up and able to explore further afield. Most at home on calm waters the Pack 13.8 is an extremely capable, ultra lightweight canoe. The perfect companion for lakes, broads, reservoirs, gentle rivers, estuaries and canals, the Swift Pack 13.8 is easy to paddle and easier to transport.

A little longer than the Pack 12.6, the 13.8 has a wide beam at the waterline for increased stability, however this is drawn in by 4” at the gunwales through the tumblehome. This curve is not only visually attractive but allows for smaller side waves to roll under the hull with minimal impact. At 13ft 8in in length it has a manageable water length and will carry good speed and the shallow arching hull and a straighter keel offers excellent tracking, while the bow rocker keeps it capable of handling small swells and mild chop. With Carbon Kevlar Gunwales, in the beautiful Black/Gold finish, being fused directly to the hull to firstly save on weight but also more crucially for increased rigidity and less maintenance. These gunwales have seen some inspiration from the Cruiser range and now feature a mild “S shape” to accommodate for the increased tumblehome.

With a cherrywood interior the handles and thwarts are both finished to a beautiful high quality standard. Cherry has been used as, of the hardwoods, it is among the most resilient to rot and water damage, making it ideal for canoe outfitting. As with all Pack boats, the 13.8 is designed to be paddled from the seated position using either a long double bladed kayak paddle or a traditional single bladed canoe paddle if preferred. The seated position is Swift's Pack Seat, this padded carbon base maintains a low centre of gravity with outstanding comfort, adjustable angle tilt and an adjustable lumbar support cushion allow you to finesse perfectly for yourself. Kayak style footpegs can be found on either inside wall, fully adjustable.

Constructed of Swift's proprietary lightweight materials, the Canoe Shops Group imports the best selling Kevlar Fusion as it offers the best strength to weight ratio of any composite canoe material. The Kevlar Fusion is made of a high pressure urethane resin system, layers of polyester, S-Glass and Kevlar Cloths are sandwiched around a durable foam cored ribbing system (for strength). This laminate offers a visually fantastic canoe as well as great impact and abrasion resilience, combined with a two-tone hull to hide any small scratches as far as possible.

For smaller paddlers, those looking to carry less or after a lighter boat then the Swift Canoes Pack 12.6 could be an option worth exploring. However regardless of paddling solo, with a small passenger (child or pet) or carrying overnight kit the Pack 13.8 is an excellent choice and the extra volume allows you to take more with you.


●    Carbon Kevlar Gunwales
●    Bow & Stern Cherry Wood Carry Handles
●    Built In Buoyancy Tanks Bow & Stern
●    Twin Cherry Wood Thwarts
●    Swifts Adjustable Carbon Pack Seat
●    High Backed Seat with Adjustable Lumbar Support
●    Adjustable Kayak Footrests
●    Asymmetrical Hull Shape
●    Moderate Bow Rocker
●    Kevlar Fusion Laminate Construction


●    Length: 13' 8"
●    Gunwale Width: 24.5"
●    Maximum Width: 28.5"
●    Centre Depth: 11.5"
●    Bow Rocker: 2"
●    Stern Rocker: 1"
●    Kevlar Fusion with Carbon/Kevlar Gunnels  Weight: 26 lbs / 11.9 kg
●    Optimum Load Range: 63 kg-131 kg (140 - 290 lbs)

Colour Options

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 Lightweight Solo Open Canoe With Kayak Style Seat Pack Boat Ruby/Champagne

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 - Ruby Champagne

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 Lightweight Pack Boat Solo Open Canoe With Kayak Style Seat Green Emerald/Champagne

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8 - Emerald/Champagne

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