Swift Canoes Prospector 14 - Lightweight Solo Open Canoe

Swift Canoes Prospector 14 - Lightweight Solo Open Canoe

Swift Canoes Prospector 14

Ultralightweight 14ft Open Canoe for the Solo Paddling

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More Details

The Swift Canoes Prospector 14 is a lightweight multi-purpose boat ideal for solo paddlers. A traditional rounded chine hull with plenty of tumblehome allows this solo canoe to be pushed  right over on its edge for a comfortable kneeling paddle, or when using a more gentle upright seated position, not to feel like you are reaching miles over the gunwale to get to the water. This adaptive boat will allow larger paddlers to fit into the canoe well and still have room with the larger weight capacity to carry overnight equipment on longer trips. The Prospector 14 is the ideal canoe for paddlers looking to multitask whether its fishing, doing a bit of photography or just going paddling for the fun of it! Even though its a mere 14ft this canoe tracks well and when loaded up, like the original Prospector was designed to be, tracks even better, even in when its blowing across the gunwhales. The Prospector 14 offers excellent manoeuvrability especially when kneeling and heeling. This is an open canoe that likes to be pushed hard but can also just cruise.

Due to its smaller form factor this Prospector is ideal as a traditional open canadian canoe however it also offers the bonus of being able to be used more in the style of a pack boat with a double ended kayak paddle. This enables paddlers wanting to travel further or who have yet to perfect the J stroke to be slightly quicker or more efficient using a kayak paddle in a pack boat style seated position.

The Prospector 14 has a classic outfitting spec including a lovely contoured Cherry Wood webbed seat as well as fantastic looking Cherry Wood carrying handles either end of the canoe and 2 Cheery Wood braces across the mid of the Prospector 14. The perfectly placed seating position not only enables the paddler to canoe paddle either seated, kneeling or part kneeling heeling the Prospector over should the paddlers skill levels permit but also allows for the Prospector 14 to be paddled with a kayak paddle from an upright seating position. Paddling this solo canoe with a kayak paddle in the style of a pack boat is perfect for tripping and gives the canoe a really great feel, which is only enhanced when a sit back style backrest is used with it.

Swift Canoes are one of the leading manufacturers in lightweight laminate canoes and can also offer as massive range of bespoke custom outfitting options, so you really can make your dream canoe or pack boat. For some of the custom options in materials, trims and optional extra outfitting's take a look out our ' Materials & Trim' or 'Custom Options' Tabs. We import and advertise the top selling Swift Canoe models, specs and colours based on UK paddling, however we are always more than happy to help if there is a custom model, material, trim or outfitting option you require for your dream canoe.


  •     Bow & Stern Cherry Wood Carry Handles
  •     Built In Buoyancy Tanks Bow & Stern
  •     Cherry Wood Contour Webbed Seat
  •     Cherry Wood Thwarts
  •     Symmetrical Hull Shape
  •     Shallow Arch Bottom
  •     Moderate Rocker
  •     Black & Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
  •     Kevlar Fusion Laminate Construction
  •     Available in Carbon Fusion
  •     Available With Cherry Trim


  • Length: 14ft
  • Max Width: 32"
  • Centre Depth: 12.5"
  • Stern/Bow Height: 19.5"
  • Stern/Bow Rocker: 1"
  • Gunwale Width: 28"
  • Waterline Width: 28"
  • Kevlar Fusion & Carbon Kevlar Trim Weight: 13.1g
  • Carbon Fusion & Carbon Kevlar Trim Weight: 12.2kg
  • Manufacturers Optimum Load Range: 60 - 181kg

Colour Options

Swift Canoes Prospeoctor 14 Lightweight Solo Open Canoes Red Ruby/Champagne

Swift Canoes Prospector 14 - Ruby/Champagne

Swift Canoes Prospector 14 Lightweight Solo One Person Open Canoe With Large Capacity

Swift Canoes Prospector 14 - Emerald/Champange

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