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Roof Rack Accessories

CSG Roof Pads

CSG Roof Pads

Foam roof pads designed to cushion the contact of your boat against your vehicles roof bars during transportation. Foam core with heavy duty polyester cover. Only suitable for standard square 3 x 2cm roof bars.

40cm Price: £14.95
80cm Price: £29.95

Palm Roof Pads

Palm Roof Pads - 50 or 80 cm

A pair of roof rack pads to protect and secure your boats and boards on your vehicle. They fit a wide range of bar shapes. Made from tough ballistic fabric with wrap around securing straps. Available in 50 cm and 80 cm lengths.

50cm Price: £21.60 (RRP £27.00 - Saving £5.40)
80cm Price: £28.00 (RRP £35.00 - Saving £7.00)

Roof Rack Straps

Roof Rack Straps

Secure your kayak, sit-on-top or canoe to your roof bars for transportation without knots. Available in 3 or 5 metre lengths (25mm width) supplied as a pair.

3m Price: £15.95
5m Price: £18.95

Security Cable

Beluga Security Cable

The effective kayak guard is a 4 metre steel security cable. It requires no padlock as you simply feed the cable through part of the load, pass the stopper through the large loop and close the stopper in the door or boot of the car.

Price: £15.95 (RRP £19.95 - Saving £4.00)

Thule 841 Lockable Straps - 4m Pair

Thule 841 Lockable Straps - 4m Pair

Thule's lockable strap contains a highly durable steel core wire which protects against cutting. The buckle has a protective cover to avoid scratches on the kayak. It's possible to tighten the strap both in a locked and an open position.

Price: £63.75 (RRP £75.00 - Saving £11.25)

Roof Rack Loading Assister

Karrite Odyssey 380 & 470 Roof Boxes

A device designed to aid in the loading of kayaks & canoes on car roof racks.  The load assister U-Bolts onto the one of the vehicles existing roof bars. You then press a button to release a bar that slides out away from the side of the vehicle. Only one required per car. Supplied with Safety Rope for use when Loading. Anodised Aluminium Finnish with a Protective Cover.

Price: £59.99 (RRP £74.99 - Saving £15.00)