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Kayak & Canoe Trolleys for Sale

If you don't want to carry your canoe or kayak from the car to the water then a canoe & kayak trolley is the answer. The trolley will take the weight of the canoe or kayak whilst you pull it along and steer.

Railblaza C-TUG Sandtrakz Trolley

Railblaza C-TUG Sandtrakz Trolley


The C-TUG Trolley with Sandtrakz wheels from Railblaza makes it easier you to move your kayak or canoe over any surface including soft & harder ground.

Price: £129.95

Kayak Trolley

Kayak Trolley


Compact trolley for transporting sea kayaks, touring boats and smaller sit-on-tops. Folds up neatly, wheels are removable. Trolley. Includes a stand for ease of loading.

Price: £59.95

Canoe Trolley

Riot Canoe Trolley


Stable trolley for transporting open Canadian canoes and larger kayaks. Large foldable frame than the Kayak Trolley. Includes a stand for ease of loading.

Price: £69.95

Railblaza C-TUG Trolley

C-Tug Trolley


The C-Tug trolley with Puncture Free Kiwi Wheels, with hi-grip tread, in place of the old-style pneumatic wheels, no more flat tires & 120kg static loading capacity.

Price: £114.95