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Sevylor Madison Premium Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Madison

The Sevylor Madison is the successor to the now discontinued Colorado. It combines an extraordinary mix of manoeuvrability, stability and comfort. Can be configured as a solo or tandem. Constructed with a nylon outer shell and seperate internal bladders.

Sevylor Madison

£424.00 (RRP £499.00 - Saving £75.00)

Sevylor Madison Kit - Package Deal

£485.00 (RRP £550.00 - Saving £65.00)

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Sevylor Madison - Tandem Inflatable Kayak


The Sevylor Madison is one of the latest models to be added to the Sevylor line up and replaces as well as improves upon the design of the legendary Sevylor Colorado. If you are looking for a tandem kayak that has it all then look no further than the Sevylor Madison. It is stable, comfortable and easy to paddle and most importantly packs away neatly into a compact size carry bag for easy transportation and storage.


The Sevylor Madison is an extremely versatile inflatable kayak. Its seat can be configured in different positions which allow the Madison to be used a both a tandem and solo kayak. This is very easy to accomplish thanks to Sevylor's Seat-o-graphy system with clear markers in the kayak showing where to position the seats for best performance.

A small removable fin and welded-on directional strake ensure the Madison goes in a straight-line with ease. Its wide beam and flatter hull shape deliver unparalleled stability. Supportive foam backrests with inflatable seat cushions offer great comfort be it short or extended trips.

The Sevylor Madison will stand-up to the toughest adventures thanks to its hard wearing nylon outer shell and reinforced Sevy-Strong Tarpaulin coated hull. Its construction includes 3 separate inner tubes for the floor, left & right sides with one way boston valves. It is quick to inflate normally taking little more than 5 minutes to fully inflate using either manual foot or hand pumps. Alternatively a less energetic option is Sevylor's electric 12v pump.


If you are looking for an inflatable with extra room or space for a child you may like to consider the Sevylor Alameda.


Length Width Weight
CapacityOptimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Sevylor Madison - Tandem Inflatable Kayak for your weight
Pack Size
327cm 93cm 15.6kg 200kg 76 x 51 x 26cm
Sevylor Feature - Paddle Grip

Sevylor Paddle Grip is a mulit-functional carry handle and/or a paddle holder so you can relax hands free.

Sevylor Feature - Dura Shield

Sevy-Strong a heavy duty tarpaulin layer that reduces drag & wear as well as resisting water ingress.

Sevylor Feature - Seatography

A practical floor guide to help determine where the seats should be positoned for maximum comfort.

Sevylor Feature - Easy Inflation System

The Sevylor Ez Carry Bag is easy to re-pack & features a compression strap and paddle storage loops.

Sevylor Feature - Easy Inflation System

The Easy Inflation System allows the floor and 2 side chambers to be easily inflated through a single valve.

Sevylor Madison Kit - Package Deal

Special Offer Price:

£485.00 (RRP £550.00 - Saving £65.00)

Kit / Package Includes:

  • Sevylor Madison
  • Carry Bag
  • Easy Inflation Pressure Gauge
  • Tracking Fin
  • 2 x Sevylor 4 Piece Kayak Paddle
  • 5ltr Foot Pump

Sevylor Madison Kit - Package Deal

Recommended Accessories

Riot Piece Split Paddle 220cm

Riot Piece Split Paddle 230cm

The Riot 2 Piece split paddle is ideal for use with inflatables as it breakdown into 2 pieces to pack away as small as possible. Constructed from a strong alloy shaft with sculptured polypropylene blades. Length: 220cm.

Price £44.95

FF Lightweight Fibreglass Split Paddle

FF Deluxe Fibreglass 2 Piece Paddle 220cm

Constructed from a lightweight fibreglass shaft with an asymmetical nylon blade. This is a robust paddle that is also light & easy to use. It can be set left or right handed with 0ُ؟ feather option.

Price £79.95

Bravo Combi Paddle - 1 x Kayak or 2 x Canoe Paddle

Bravo Combi Paddle - 1 x Kayak or 2 x Canoe Paddle

When paddling solo use it as a double blade kayak paddle. When paddling tandem take the paddle apart, add on the handles & you have 2 canoe paddles. A versatile paddle that gives you the best of both worlds.

Price £44.99

Inflatable Kayak Foot Pump

Foot Pump - 5 Litre

The Bravo Foot Pump is compact & lightweight and features the option to inflate or deflate. Inflates 5 Litres in volume per pump up to a maximum pressure of 4.3 psi.

Price £14.99

Inflatable Kayak Hand Stirrup Pump

Hand Stirrup Pump - Dual Action

The Dual Action Hand Stirrup Pump is a very efficient hand pump ideal for inflating inflatable kayaks. This is dual action pump meaning it inflates on the up and down stroke. Dimensions: 45 x 23 x 11 cm.

Price £25.00

If you need any further help or advice about the Sevylor Madison - Tandem Inflatable Kayak please get in touch by email, phone or visit our shop