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Whitewater & Surf Neoprene Spraydecks

Neoprene Spraydecks for River running, creeks, surf and training

Manic River Deck - Neoprene Latex Spraydeck

The Manic River deck is a UK made 4mm neoprene spraydeck with shock cord and a latex coat on the inside lip for improved grip and seal against the cockpit.

Price: £59.95 (RRP £79.95 - Saving £20.00)

Palm Sport Spraydeck

The ideal choice for a first time neoprene spraydeck. A 9.5mm shockcord stretches easily to get on the deck but grips tightly once in place.

Price: £75.00

Peak Neoprene Spraydeck

A simple and reliable shock cord spraydeck. Constructed from a 4mm latex reinforced neoprene with all seams are latex glued and blind stitched.

Price: £67.50 (RRP £75.00 - Saving £7.50)

Palm Enduro Neoprene Reinforced Latex Spraydeck

The Palm Enduro spraydeck is a heavy duty spray deck with a tough shock cord, reinforced edge & a side latex coating on underside.

Price: £99.00 (RRP £110.00 - Saving £11.00)