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Sit On Top Kayaks - Single Seat

Sit On Tops for Beach Fun, Exploring, Touring and Fishing

Sit On Top Kayaks are one of the most popular forms of kayak. Sit on kayaks are generally extremely stable and very safe thanks to their open style design. Sit-on-tops are ideal for beginners and good fun for all the family to enjoy. Built-in scupper holes allow sit-on-tops self drain should you capsize or use them in rougher/surf conditions. All the sit-on-tops we sell, both single & tandem, are easily car topped for transportation.

Recreational Sit-On-Top Kayaks

These kayaks are ideal for gentle calm water touring, fun at the beach, estuary paddling and general purpose use. Compact in size, they are also easy to transport and store. Popular, versitile options for most kayakers looking for a Sit-On-Top Kayak.

Feelfree Roamer 1 Sit On Top Kayaks

Feelfree Roamer 1

Feelfree Roamer 1 is great fun in surf , touring or fishing and can be paddled easily by both novices or those with more experience.

FeelFree Nomad Sport Sit-on-top Kayak

Feelfree Nomad Sport

The Nomad Sport is a top selling modern Sit On Top for all round sit-on-top paddling including for surfing, exploring or paddling in more sedate & flat conditions. With solid side handles and optional built in rear wheel, the Nomad Sport is easy to manoeuvre off the water as well.


Popular Kayak
New Wavesport Scooter X - WhiteOut

Wavesport Scooter X - WhiteOut

The Scooter X from Wavesport is a modern looking single seat Sit on Top built in the UK. Ideal for recreational paddling on rivers, lakes and sea the new Scooter X is sure to make a splash.



Popular Kayak
Fun Kayak Cruiser Angler Fishing Kayak

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler

The Cruise Angler is a fully featured pocket fishing kayak for calmer waters and an ideal starter yak for those new to the sport. The Enigma Kayaks Crusie Angler comes as a deluxe package at an unmissable affordable price.

Small Fishing Kayak Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100

Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100

A well featured fishing kayak with a super seat, 4 flush mount rod holders and plenty of scope for outfitting - all in a compact and light package at an amazing price.

Enimga Kayak Flow Budget Sit On Top Kayak

Enigma Kayaks Flow

The Flow is a versatile, all-round sit on top kayak for solo paddling. The Enigma Kayaks Flow is only available via mail order and is not available to buy in-store. These orders are shipped directly from the central warehouse facility for Enigma Kayaks.

FeelFree Move Sit-on-top

Feelfree Move

The FeelFree Move is a highly versatile and compact sit-on-top designed for children and smaller adults.

Riot Kayaks Escape 9 Sit On Top Kayak

Riot Escape 9

The Escape 9 is a lightweight sit on top kayak for kids and small adults - perfect for playing at the beach and recreational fun for the family to enjoy.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 Fishing Kayak

Vibe Sea Ghost 110

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is a mid sized fishing kayak packed to the gunwales with features to ensure you don't return to the shore empty handed at a price that won't empty your wallet.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 100

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 E

Easy access twist lock hatches, front & rear SlideTrax rails & the ultimately comfortable AirPro seat system to name just a few of the Tarpon 100 E's array of features.

FeelFree Juntos Parent & Child Seat

Feelfree Juntos (Adult + Child)

The FeelFree Juntos is a 1.5 person kayak designed to carry an adult & child but can also be used happily solo.


Touring Sit-On-Top Kayaks

With a longer waterline length, this range of sit on tops are designed for those who want to paddle a little further. These kayaks are faster and will cope better in more challenging conditions compared to shorter kayaks. Excellent for both coastal and in-land day touring.

Tarpon 100 Sit On Top Kayak

Perception Triumph 13

The Triumph 13 is designed to provide the paddling performance of a sit-inside kayak without the loss of performance normally associated with sit-on-top kayaks. A top quality touring kayak, made in the UK.

RTM Tempo Angler

RTM Tempo Standard

A fast touring kayak for those who don't want to paddle a sit-in kayak. A sleek and impressively stable SOT at almost 15', the tempo angler is perfect for coastal touring. Also available with flush-mounted rod holders.

Vibe Kayaks Yellow Fin 120

Vibe Kayaks Yellow Fin 120

The Vibe Kayaks YellowFin 120 is a fast multipurpose sit-on-top for touring and fishing with many top of the line features whilst still very affordable.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 120

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 E

The Tarpon 120 E offers a excellent blend of stability & performance which combined with the ultimate comfort of Wilderness Systems AirPro seat system delivers a kayak that's hard to beat.


We also have an excellent range of Sit On Tops designed for Kayak Fishing as well as Tandem Family Sit On Tops