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Titan Watercraft offers a great ranges of whitewater kayaks for all paddling abilities to enjoy creeking, river running, freestyle and surfing. Titan Kayaks has been founded and built from the ground up by passionate athletes and individuals to produce high quality boats, of world class designs, at affordable prices.

Titan Whitewater Kayaks Range

Titan Dragon whitewater creek kayak

Titan Dragon

Big volume, the modern high rocker profile and refined rails provide a stable and predictable kayak for your local run to the biggest creeks in the world.

Titan Nymph half-slice whitewater kayak

Titan Nymph

High bow rocker and front volume keeps you moving forward with control down river. The low volume stern carves and slices for manoeuvring or stopping to play on an eddy line. Soft rails create a forgiving and predictable feeling on the water.

Titan Yantra whitewater kayak

Titan Yantra 8'5

The semi-planning hull and gradual rocker profile make the Yantra a stable and easy to paddle kayak for begginers, intermediate and expert kayakers.


Titan Sit on Top Kayaks Range

Titan Mix Sit On Top Kayaks

Titan Mix

The lightest Sit on Top kayak in our range and 6' long, this is a compact yet playful kayak. The hull design is based on a whitewater playboat, perfect for surfing small waves and having fun. This kayak is a great option for kids, as well as small-medium sized adults.


We also offer a range of other brands from different manufacturers of Whitewater Kayaks & Playboats.