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Waterproof Through-Hull Cable Seals for Fish Finder Installation

Waterproof Through-Hull Cable Seals for Fish Finder Installation

Through-Hull Waterproof Cable Seals for Kayaking Fish Finders
Kayak Fish Finder Waterproof Through-Hull Cable Seals
Cable Seals from Scanstrut for Waterproof Fish Finder Wiring

Scanstrut Vertical Cable Seal

Waterproof Through-Hull Cable Installation

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More Details

The Scanstrut Cable Seal is the perfect solution for waterproof cable routing on kayaks and boats. Its tough plastic construction with stainless steel hardware ensures a reliable seal in both freshwater and saltwater conditions, providing secure installation of electrical devices such as fish finders.

Please Note: This product is not for use beneath the waterline of your kayak.

Size Information:

DS6-P: For bare end cables, 2-6 mm. Great for running fish finder power cables with bare ends through the hull.

DS16-P: For cables 2-8 mm and connectors up to 16 mm. Great for when you only need to run a power cable with bare wires ends or crimped on terminal connectors through the hull. Some transducer cables have connectors less than 16 mm and can fit through this cable seal, but in most cases you will need the DS21-P or DS30-P for transducer cables.

DS21-P: For cables 4-9 mm and connectors up to 21 mm. Great for transducer cables, providing the end connector is less than 21 mm in diameter.

DS30-P: For cables 9-14 mm and connectors up to 30 mm. This is the best option if you need to pass both a transducer cable and power cable through the seal for an IN-HULL transducer installation.

Please Note:

All cable seals are supplied with a number of pre-drilled rubber inserts ready to accept cable diameters mentioned above. Don't worry if your cable does not fall within the sizes mentioned, as all kits are supplied with a blank rubber insert that you can custom drill to fit your wires! This can also be drilled multiple times for passing 2 or more wires through the insert, however this is best done on the DS30-P size as this has a large enough blank insert to take multiple cables.

If you are installing your transducer using the THROUGH-SCUPPER or ARM-MOUNTED method, and want to have the battery kept in the hull, you will only require the DS16-P size as only the power cable, and any terminal connectors (usually small if present) need to pass through this to the inside of the hull.

Installation is very simple and easy to follow instructions are included. The domed shape of the housing ensures the rubber seal is pulled in tight to any wiring as the housing is screwed down. This creates an excellent waterproof seal. If you want to be sure of a completely waterproof seal, just use a smear of silicon sealant or Marine Goop over the top of the rubber seal once cables are installed.

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