Kayak Anchoring Accessories

Kayak Anchors and Accessories

Anchoring whilst kayak fishing requires a range of parts and accessories to minimise the risk associated with anchoring your kayak. Please ensure you seek expert advice and training before anchoring your kayak in moving water.

5mm Bungee Shock Cord

Black 5mm bungee shock cord by the metre


Multifilament Braided Floating Rope

Multistrand 8mm & 10mm floating polypropylene rope, popular for canoe painter lines, anchor tether lines and more. 

(Not recommended for rescue situations where a higher breaking strain is required)


Universal Anchor Trolley System

An anchor trolley system is an essential component for anchoring safely


Galvanised Folding Anchor

A folding galvanised grapnel anchor is ideal for anchoring a fishing kayak over all types of sea bed. The 1.5 kg size is perfect for most kayak applications and works great in both shallow & deep water, clean or mixed ground.


Pick Up Buoy

The Hi-Viz Pick-Up Buoy is a great addition to any anchoring system. Easily deployable, this buoy allows you to release from any anchor point with the anchor reel safely suspended below, until it is ready to be collected.


Osprey Anchor Reel

A salt water anchor reel with 80m of line that will comfortably hold a kayak at anchor in depths of around 40m, depending on the weather and tidal conditions. Features a ratchet that stops the line from being released while at anchor.


6mm Short Link Galvanised Chain

Improve your anchor set up with the 6 mm Short Link Galvanised Chain, which provides added weight for increased holding power. Sold in pre-cut 1 meter lengths.


Galvanised Anchor Bow Shackle

This galvanised anchor shackle provides an essential connection between chain (up to 6 mm) and anchor for kayak fishing. It offers a durable construction and a secure, reliable attachment.


Zig Zag Cleat

The Zig Zag Cleat is a popular addition used in kayak fishing anchoring systems. It provides a secure lock-off point for your anchor trolley and anchor line.

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