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Dry Storage Bags & Containers

Protect your precious items from water, sand and dirt with our waterproof dry storage bags, containers & barrels. Our range covers, waterproof dry tubes ideal for on the water, waterproof backpacks, waterproof barrels as well as waterproof electronic cases. If you are looking for something not listed below please get in touch. Call us on 01273 513200 or email

Feelfree Crusier bag sale

FeelFree Dry Tubes

FeelFree Dry Tubes

The FeelFree range are Dry Tube bags are simple, tough and dry. Constructed from strong PVC tarpaulin with a roll down closure, an adjustable shoulder strap and a reinforced base. Our most popular dry bag for carrying in kayaks & canoes.

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FeelFree Dry Tank

FeelFree Dry Tank

The FeelFree Dry Tank is a strong comfortable waterproof backpack which will take all your gear for a day out or a weekend away.  Different sizes and colours means there is sure to be one to suit every family member.

FeelFree Cruiser Bags

FeelFree Cruiser Bags

The FeelFree Cruiser is a large capacity holdall to keep your stuff dry and clean. Great for regular use for carrying gear when you head out for you weekly paddle but also functions great as a robust bag for holidays or extended trips.

FeelFree Go Pack

FeelFree Go Pack

The FeelFree Go Pack is the ultimate waterproof sports backpack with a handy drain valve for emptying excess water from wet kit. Ideal as a kit bag for any watersport.

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Palm Ozone Dry Bags

Palm Ozone Dry Bags

Light weight versatile dry bags for storing gear you want to keep dry when on or in the water. Transparent material makes the Palm dry bags much more friendly when trying to find an elusive piece of kit. Palm Dry bags seal is made using a roll-down closure, with the added feature of D rings for securing the bags.

Volume Dimensions Should Strap
6L 18x30cm No
12L 18x43cm No
25L 25x47cm Yes
50L 30x70cm Yes

Palm River Trek Carriers

Palm River Trek Carriers

The Palm River Trek Gear carriers are large sized dry bags with ruck- sack straps. So they can be carried on the back, leaving hands free for carrying boats & other equipment. Popular as kit bags & for overnight canoe camping trips. Tough, durable & waterproof with heavy duty shoulder harness.

Volume Length Width Depth
50L 68cm 36cm 23cm
75L 78cm 38cm 26cm
100L 91cm 38cm 26cm
125L 95cm 48cm 30cm

Aquapac Dry Cases

Aquapac Dry Storage Cases / Bags

Aquapac offer a range of different size dry cases that come with a 100% waterproof guarantee. Ideal for items such as electronic keys & phones. The Aquapac Dry Cases are designed so devices such as phones & touch screens can be used inside the case.

Case Size Max Length Max Circumference
Mini 125mm 155mm
Small 150mm 200mm
Medium 200mm 265mm
Large 295mm 440mm

Clamp Top Barrels - 30 & 60 Litre

30 & 60  Litre Clamp Top Barrels

Waterproof clamp top barrels with side carry handles. Strong and tough - constructed from HDPE plastic. Ideal for carrying equipment in/on sit on top kayaks and open canadian canoes.


Volume Height Width
30L 53cm 30cm
60L 61cm 38cm

FeelFree Complete Dry Bag Range

FeelFree Dry Bags Dry Backpacks for Bikes from FeelFree FeelFree Dry Storage Backpacks

We are pleased to stock and offer the complete FeelFree dry bag range including holdalls, duffels, tubes & backpacks in various styles, sizes and colours. Whatever the application be it commuting, walking, camping, biking, canoeing, kayaking or any other watersport FeelFree offer a bag to meet your needs. Keep your equipment and gear dry, safe and clean.


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