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Riot Kayak Wall Rack

Riot Wall Rack - Red

This pair of red kayak wall rack is a great storage option including built in paddle holder. Foam pads on the cradles grip and protect your kayak. These wall mounts can swivel flush to the wall when not in use.

  • Fittings included
  • Max Load Capacity: 55KG
  • 30cm High x 33cm Wide Approx

£23.96 (RRP £29.95 - Saving £5.99)

Riot Folding Kayak Wall Rack

Beluga Folding Kayak Wall Rack

This rack is great for storing your kayak on the wall. Two padded arms hold your kayak whilst the small hooks beneath will hold a paddle or can be used to hang your paddling gear from. The cradles simply fold flat against the wall when not in use.

  • Fittings included
  • Max Load Capacity: 40KG

£35.96 (RRP £44.95 - Saving £8.99)

Wall Mount Paddle Storage Rack

Riot Paddle Storage Rack

The Riot Paddle Storage Rack is designed to hold several paddles vertically against the wall. Paddles can be hung so that they are not resting on the ground so protecting the blade from any damage. Simple to fit using the supplied fittings as pictured.

Price: £10.36 (RRP £12.95 - Saving £2.59)

Low Kayak Trestle

Low Kayak Trestle

A pair of padded kayak trestles, ideal for supporting a kayak during storage. Folding design with support strap for hull. Alloy construction with plastic feet. Great for sea kayaks, touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks and many sit-on-tops.

Price: £39.95 (RRP £49.95 - Saving £10.00)

Tall Kayak Trestle

Tall Kayak Trestle

A pair of lightweight tall kayak trestles with nylon webbing support straps. Strong alloy tube construction with black chrome powder paint finish. Suitable for narrower kayaks such as sea kayaks, touring kayaks, K1's and sculls.

Price: £63.99 (RRP £79.99 - Saving £16.00)

Beluga Security Cable

Beluga Security Cable

The effective kayak guard is a 4 metre steel security cable. It requires no padlock as you simply feed the cable through part of the load, pass the stopper through the large loop and close the stopper in the door or boot of the car.

Price: £15.95 (RRP £19.95 - Saving £4.00)