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Touring Kayaks

Brighton Canoes stock a full range of different touring kayaks which can be broken down into 3 main types. Smaller & compact light touring kayaks as well as longer & sleeker day touring kayak for extended trips or more challenging conditions. We also offer a selection of tandem touring kayaks both closed cockpit and open cockpit.

Please browse our range of different touring kayaks below.

Recreational & Light Touring Kayaks

These are typically 10-12ft & offer good forward speed & stability whilst maintaining reasonable manoeuvrability. They are best suited to sheltered waters but can be used on the sea in flat to slight conditions. Light touring kayaks smaller sizes make them easy to car top and transport.

Riot Quest 9.5 recreational touring kayak

Riot Quest 9.5

The Quest 9.5 is ideal for the smaller paddler who wants to relax on the water in a comfortable and safe kayak. Paddlers of larger build should look at the Quest 10HV.

Riot Quest 10 Hv recreational touring kayak

Riot Quest 10 HV

The Quest 10 HV is the perfect kayak for a relaxed paddle on flat water.  It is stable and easy to handle with a large cockpit and comfortable seat.

Riot Edge 11 touring kayak with skeg

Riot Edge 11 With Skeg

A great lightweight & compact touring kayak that provides the perfect blend stability and performance. Perfect quiet rivers and other inland waterways. Light and easy to transport.

Perception Expression 11

Perception Expression 11

The Perception Expression 11 is a recreational light touring kayak. Ideal for day trips and short paddles on inland waters such as rivers, canals & lakes as well as sheltered coastal waters.



Prijon Custom line CL 370 - touring Kayak

Prijon Custom line CL 370 - touring Kayak

Perfect for recreational users who want a stable kayak with a large cockpit for easy entry and exit. The CL 370 has a pronounced keel line for good tracking and safe predictable handling. It also comes complete with the higher customline backrest and is ideal for relaxed paddling on flat water.

Perception Sundance

Perception Sundance

The Sundance has been designed to deliver maximum reassurance & comfort with an extremely stable hull and large cockpit for easy entry. A nimble kayak best suited to short trips on placid waters.


Riot Enduro 12 touring kayak with skeg

Riot Enduro 12 With Skeg

The Riot Enduro 12 is a wide stable forgiving kayak for all abilities and perfect for relaxed days on the water and even a spot of fishing. Featuring drop down skeg as well as front & rear hatch.

/riot 13 Touring kayak with skeg

Riot Enduro 13 With Skeg

The Riot Enduro 13 is a well equipped touring kayak providing excellent forward speed & tracking. Its profile & 13ft length means it deals well with chop but is still manageable on smaller rivers.

Windermere from Feelfree

FeelFree Windermere

The FeelFree Windermere is an extremely stable and comfortable recreational kayak with hod holders and extra large cock pit opening for easy entry and exit. Ideal for shorty journeys or fishing on placid and sheltered waters.


FeelFree Aventura 125

FeelFree Aventura 125

The Aventura 125 is a sporty recreational kayak with a large cockpit & comfortable outfitting for longer day paddles on inland & calmer coastal waters. With plenty of storage space and a stable hull shape the Adventura 125 is perfect for your next weekend adventure.


Dagger Axis E 10.5

Dagger Axis E 10.5

The Dagger Axis 10.5 Elite is a versatile recreational light touring kayak. Ideal for shorter journeys on calmer waters with excellent stability and comfort. Quick with good tracking thanks to its drop down skeg but manoeuvrable when needed.


Day Touring Kayaks

Normally 14-15ft in length & slightly narrower than a light touring kayak, offering the best forward speed & tracking but less manoeuvrable. Day touring kayaks are best suited to larger rivers, estuaries, lakes & coastal waters. Offer a large carrying capacity for camping trips or expedition use.

Perception Expression Touring Kayak

Perception Expression 14 & 15 - Day Touring Kayak

The Perception Expression is an excellent day touring kayak suitable for coastal, estuary and inland paddling. The Expression delivers everything you would want and expect from this type of kayak.


Prijon Dayliner L - touring Kayak

Prijon Dayliner L - touring Kayak

An ideal entry to the world of touring kayaks, the Dayliner has a stable hull which will also respond to edging when the paddler is ready for it. With two watertight bulkheads and plenty of storage the Dayliner is a great boat at a great price.


Prijon Touryak 470 LV - Touring Kayak

Prijon Touryak 470 LV - Touring Kayak

The Touryak 470 is a fantastic low volume flat water touring boat specifically designed for smaller and lighter paddlers. With large bow and stern hatches, full perimeter deck lines and rudder ready, the Touryak 470 provides just the right mix of stability and speed.



Dagger stratos 14.5 S & L

Dagger stratos 14.5 S & L

The Dagger Stratos 14.5 is a day touring kayak ideal for coastal paddling. Smooth and forgiving for beginners, with performance that experts will relish, the Stratos is stable and predictable in calm or stormy water.


Tandem Touring Kayaks

Our tandem kayak range are designed for 2 person use and includes closed as well as open cockpit double kayaks. Open cockpit kayaks have an almost completely open cockpit with just the very bow and stern covered. This makes entry and exit easy as well as carrying children and pets. Open cockpit kayaks are a popular alternative to open canoes that can be used with double bladed kayak paddles.

Prijon Poseidon - Tandem Touring Kayak

Prijon Poseidon - Tandem Touring Kayak

The Poseidon is a beautifully designed double touring kayak ready to take you on your next adventure. With super comfortable seats, full deck lines and plenty of storage space the straight tracking Poseidon is ideal for that longer trip.

Wavesport Horizon - blackOut

Wavesport Horizon - blackOut

The Wavesport Horizon is the new name of the a popular Perception Horizon tandem touring kayak. Perfect for exploring rivers, lakes and coastal waters with tons on storage space.


Perception Prodigy 2 14.5 Tandem Kayak

Perception Prodigy II 14.5 - Open Cockpit Kayak

The Perception Prodigy II is truly a fun boat, easy to handle and forgiving when on the water which means you have more time to take in your surroundings.


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