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Kayak Paddles and Canoe Paddles

Select the Type of Canoeing and Kayaking Paddles

Your choice of paddle should be based on the type of kayaking that you are planning to use it for. Choosing the correct paddle is important, for example touring paddles are not strong enough for white water. Kayak paddles have a blade on either end of a shaft, single bladed paddles are called Canoe Paddles.

To help, we have categorised them to enable you choose the right one. View further details by following the links.

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Recreational Kayaking Paddles

Recreational & Sit-on-top - Paddles

Most paddles are suitable for sit-on-top or recreational kayaking providing they are long enough for use with your kayak. Our range of suitable paddles include standard alloy shaft paddles all the way through to super lightweight carbon paddles.

Touring & Sea Kayaking Paddles

Touring & Sea Kayak - Paddles

Touring & sea kayaking paddlers generally paddle with a longer stroke at a slower rate. This means longer length paddles are required with a smaller blade for less resistance. This combined with a lighter paddle will help reduce fatigue over distance.

Inflatable Kayak - Split Paddles

Inflatable Kayak - Split Paddles

We have a range of split paddles which break down into 2 or more pieces for ease of storage & transportation, this includes both kayak & canoe paddles. Ideal for use with inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoes or as an emergency spare with all types of kayaks.

Open Canadian Canoe - Paddles

Open Canadian Canoe - Paddles

Single blade canoe paddles with a T handle on the end of the shaft for open canadian canoeing including wooden, plastic and alloy construction.

Whitewater & Surf - Paddles

Whitewater & Surf - Paddles

We have a range of paddles designed for white water, surfing or general paddling. These are designed to be used with Short white water kayaks and to take a lot of punishment.

Stand-Up SUP Board - Paddles

Stand-Up SUP Board - Paddles

Stand-Up SUP paddles are single bladed paddles with a T-Grip. The blades are normally slightly angled & have long shafts. Many can be broken down into pieces for easy storage.

Paddle Bags - Canoe & Kayak

Paddle Bags - Canoe & Kayak

Paddles bags are designed for storing & protecting paddles during transportation. They also protect your vehicle from dirty padddles. Various sizes available for different types of paddle.

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