Short Sleeve Shorty Cags & Paddle Tops

Short sleeve cags are commonly refered to as shorty cags. Short sleeved shorty cags are ideal for hot or sunny weather where a long sleeve cag could be too warm. Shorty cags will still keep your core protected from any breeze or cold water that could turn a nice day cold. There are various different types of shorty cags. Some are more basic spray cags and others have neoprene bicep seals and twin waist seals.

The listing below show the most popular models of shorty cags that we stock. If you have any questions or are looking for a different model please call us on 01273 513200 or email

Peak UK Combi Shorty Cag

Peak UK Combi Shorty Cag Peak UK Combi Shorty Cag

The Peak Combi is the ultimate shorty cag – Featuring latex arm seals, twin waist & a super comfy neoprene neck seal. Ideal for warmer weather where the water temp is still cold.

Price: £199.00

Palm Zenith Shorty Cag

Palm Zenith Shorty Cag - Lime Palm Zenith Shorty Cag - Sherbert

A semi-dry shorty cag ideal for whitewater or surfing. The Zenith benefits from superstretch neoprene seals for ultimate comfort & reduced irritation from saltwater when in the surf.

Price: £150.00